LOVEHO SELECTS February 2024

LOVEHO SELECTS February 2024

Check out this month's featured Tokyo creatives!


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Since its birth in 2018, Tokyo Love Hotels has showcased over 300 local and international artists, pop-ups, and performance acts. In collaboration with Metropolis, Tokyo Love Hotels cherry-picks 3 talents each month to be featured as LOVEHO SELECTS, showcasing artists and small businesses to readers and culture enthusiasts alike.

“Tokyo Love Hotels is an art-event organization based in Tokyo, Japan, that gathers local and international talents of all ranges to share a night of art, music, experiences, and love with the community. They support artists by providing space for them to perform, promote, network, sell, and exhibit their work; free of charge and commission.”

DJ: DJ Kimiko 

LoveHo says:

Faith Kimiko is one of a kind. We love to see DJs who dance along with the crowd, bringing genuine joy to any event. Her energy, beauty, and extensive knowledge of music bring it all together. Talent and professionalism guarantee a good party, making Faith Kimiko a DJ of high demand in Tokyo!


DJ Kimiko is a dynamic force within the fast-paced Tokyo nightlife. She started taking an interest in DJ-ing at 16 and made a career out of her passion at the young age of 19. She has opened for many different artists and celebrities such as Rubi Rose, Floyd Mayweather.. etc Although she recently became a new mom, she is still able to balance being a remarkable DJ and a loving mom and wife. She wishes to inspire more women to chase their dreams and pursue their passion

Message from DJ Kimiko:

“Manifestation is real. Write down the things you want to accomplish and speak things into existence. My favorite saying is (it’s never “If” it’s always “when” it happens one day) words are powerful. Make your dream a reality and exceed your goals:)“



Magazine: IWAKAN Magazine

LoveHo says:

If you are looking for inspiration and artistic property outside the norm, IWAKAN brings it to the table. With meaningful discussion surrounding gender, captivating styles, and the beautiful souls of its makers, IWAKAN is as atypical as it is inclusive. We appreciate the magazine format, and we feel the love and honor toward the culture and community.


Iwakan: a Japanese word to describe an uncomfortable feeling or sense of discomfort.

IWAKAN is a gender-focused print magazine launched in October 2020. It is the product of discussions, explorations, and collaborations with others, both within and outside of our community, who share this feeling. It is a magazine not just for queer people, but anyone who feels uncomfortable with the status quo and what society has come to call “normal”.

Since its launch, the magazine has expanded to include a successful podcast called “なんか IWAKAN !” as well as hosting events throughout Japan. IWAKAN uses its various outlets as a way to create opportunities for different people to question gender through art, culture, design, academia, and more as well as spark a change in the way society as a whole thinks about gender.

Message from IWAKAN Magazine:

“When we made IWAKAN in 2020, the cultural landscape was so different, there weren’t any magazines on a large scale that were uplifting queer voices, talking about gender, and presenting thought-provoking content that challenged the readers. We made something that we wanted to see and in the past 3 years, we’ve seen it become something far greater than we imagined, connecting so many people and stimulating a larger conversation amongst those who also shared their discomfort towards society’s norms. IWAKAN’s activities have gone on an indefinite hiatus as of December 31st, 2023, but we hope that the conversation we started around gender continues to grow in Japan.



Official Website:

Game/Community: Ninjas In Tokyo

LoveHo says: 

Whenever we’re in the mood for games at LoveHo, we call up Ninjas In Tokyo. The game collective Ninjas in Tokyo showcases a range of talents; spanning from game development and music performances, to intricate perler bead artwork, all presented by individuals with eclectic and down-to-earth personalities. One thing we can promise is that Ninjas in Tokyo will bring character.


Ninjas In Tokyo is much more than just a video game rap band.  We are some real damn ninjas on a mission to hit ’em with some love and take ’em to the club.      

Message from Ninjas In Tokyo:

“2023 was good but 2024 is gonna be awesome!  We promise to deliver more shows, more games, more videos, and more random hidden art around the world!”