Margot the moll

A Bonnie and Clyde-type pair of criminals in the Depression-era Dust Bowl are injured in a bank robbery. While on the run, he dies of his wounds and she holes up in an apparently abandoned barn. There, she’s discovered by a restless teenage lad who has to decide whether to turn in the captivating crook for a reward that would save his family or succumb to her seductive wiles and help her escape.

It’s pretty thin stuff, but it offers dazzling, faux-Malick visuals and two fine performances. Finn Cole brings the right amount of callowness and believability to his role, and makes us root for his Quixotic quest. But this is mainly for fans of Margot Robbie, who turns in another stunning, totally committed performance. (98 min)

Dreamland Japan release date April 9, 2021

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