Pandering, magic-free cash grab

Pixar never had a misfire until it sold out to Disney. These days their movies are hit and miss, with the occasional disaster. Like this one. First of all, the title character has nothing whatsoever to do with the delightful Toy Story franchise. It’s like the filmmakers already had a script for a space opera lying around and hit on the idea of making it about Buzz Lightyear. Or worse: in a new low for the old “Based on” caveat going in, this is billed as the movie that made Toy Story’s Andy a fan of the vacuous, lovable blowhard. Shameless. Buzz is no Woody.

This pointless, emotionally inert movie is too technical and convoluted for the kiddies and will bore the socks off their parents. On the plus side, I caught it in one of those theaters with reclining chairs, so I was able to get in a refreshing nap. And one other plus: It’s turning out to be one of Disney’s biggest-ever box office bombs. 

It just doesn’t feel like a Pixar movie. If beyond infinity is a sequel, I’ll give it a pass. (100 min)