Chocolate and CRAFT SAKE at Roppongi Hills

Chocolate and CRAFT SAKE at Roppongi Hills

Join in on CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2024


This April, the elegant Roppongi Hills welcomes chocolate lovers and sake enthusiasts alike. In celebration of its 60th anniversary in the chocolate industry, Lotte Corporation is launching “Choco meets CRAFT SAKE” as part of the much-anticipated CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2024 at Roppongi Hills.

From April 18th to the 29th, taste delicious pairings of chocolate and sake, showcasing the best of both worlds. The event is scheduled over 12 days, coinciding with the public holidays and blossoming spring season, making it a perfect outing for both locals and tourists.

A Sweet Milestone

Lotte, a household name in Japan since 1964, is marking this milestone year with the slogan “Sweet at Heart”. The company continues to explore the endless possibilities of chocolate under the banner of “Creating more, delivering more, communicating more.” This ethos will be celebrated through various initiatives, one of which includes this innovative pairing event.

Chocolate Meets Craft Sake

At the “Choco meets CRAFT SAKE” booth, visitors can indulge in a daily rotating selection of ten types of premium sake, each paired perfectly with a Lotte Ghana chocolate. These chocolates include Ghana Milk, Ghana Black, Ghana White, and Ghana Roast Milk, chosen to complement the unique profiles of each sake.

The selected sakes come from 120 top breweries, curated by a specialized team led by none other than Hidetoshi Nakata, a former professional footballer turned sake connoisseur. This event not only offers a taste of high-quality Japanese sake but also provides an educational journey through the rich nuances and cultural significance of Japan’s beloved alcoholic beverage.

More Than Just Tasting

The CRAFT SAKE WEEK itself is an experience. Since its inception in 2016, it has drawn over 800,000 visitors who can chat directly with sake brewers and learn about the diversity and craftsmanship of sake. This year’s venue design incorporates elements of Japanese culture and seasons, adding a beautiful backdrop to the innovative sake and food offerings.

There’ll also be dishes from globally acclaimed chefs and hard-to-book restaurants, ensuring that the food on offer matches the high standards of the sake served. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, the event has expanded to include specially selected Japanese teas, showcasing the evolving culture of tea in Japan alongside its alcoholic traditions.

Plan Your Visit

“Choco meets CRAFT SAKE” will run daily from noon to 9pm at the CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2024 venue inside Roppongi Hills (6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku). With a variety of sakes changing each day and a limited selection of expertly paired chocolates, each visit promises a new discovery. The event uses a special coin system for purchases, with the cost varying from two to nine coins depending on the sake.

This innovative event is a celebration of Lotte’s 60 years of chocolate mastery and an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of Japanese culinary arts. Whether you’re a chocolate aficionado, a sake enthusiast, or simply curious about Japanese culture, “Choco meets CRAFT SAKE” offers a fun and memorable experience in the heart of Tokyo.