Of a forgettable nature

A hired assassin becomes himself a target for erasure when he refuses to carry out that one last hit for some sleazy sex traffickers. Oh, and the absurd twist here, and the reason behind the title, is that he’s in the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

The best I can offer about Liam Neeson’s latest is that it doesn’t suck. I don’t mean to be rude, but considering the level of his recent filmography (The Ice Road, The Marksman, Blacklight), not sucking practically counts as a rave.

The plot is not totally moronic, and Neeson manages, through sheer star presence, to carry the film through some of the more questionable scenes. And the director is the veteran Martin Campbell, who made Casino Royale and The Legend of Zorro (then committed career suicide with The Green Lantern). It also helps that Guy Pearce plays the fed on his tail who eventually becomes an ally.

So, bottom line, well-made but uninspired. Not great but not trying to be anything more than a place to display Neeson’s particular set of skills. (114 min)