Military Wives

Feel-good resistance is futile

With their partners off fighting in Afghanistan, the titular lifemates at a British military base hit on the morale-boosting idea of forming a choir. But personalities almost immediately clash when the base commander’s smart but bossy wife (Kristin Scott Thomas, because, well, of course) tries to take over from the group’s accepted leader (Sharon Horgan). Jason Flemyng also has a small but amusing part. Initially, of course, they’re awful, but they improve and are invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

This is the kind of quirky underdog movie the British never get tired of making. And for the record, I never get tired of watching. This amusingly quaint subgenre probably started with The Full Monty (also directed by Peter Cattaneo). And while these formulaic flicks can tend toward manipulation and lack much in the way of surprises, who out there couldn’t use a dose of Brit-com feel-good these days? This is a film that’s hard not to like.

We are told that this “inspired by real events” choir led to the creation of over 75 similar choirs in several countries around the world. (112 min)