Celebrating LGBTQ+ and Inclusive Travel  

Celebrating LGBTQ+ and Inclusive Travel  

From Tokyo Pride Parade 2024 to Booking.com's Travel Proud Initiative


April in Tokyo marks a jubilant celebration of love, acceptance, and progress as the city plays host to the annual Tokyo Pride Parade. Fresh in memory, this recent event symbolizes the ongoing global movement towards LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity. Against this backdrop, Booking.com’s Travel Proud initiative shines as a leader in the travel industry, aiming to create a world where LGBTQ+ individuals can explore the globe without fear or discrimination.

Empowering LGBTQ+ Travel: Booking.com’s Travel Proud Initiative

While travel has become increasingly accessible, with Japan predicting 33.1 million tourists to visit in 2024 alone, for LGBTQ+ individuals traveling can come with challenges. According to a recent survey by Booking.com, 58% of LGBTQ+ travelers have experienced discrimination while traveling. Additionally, 32% reported having to change their behavior to avoid scrutiny or discomfort. These sobering statistics highlight the need for a more inclusive travel environment where everyone can freely experience the world. 80% of respondents expressed the importance of considering their safety, well-being, and happiness when choosing travel destinations.

The Travel Proud Program: Making a Difference

In response to these challenges, Booking.com launched the Travel Proud program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to address the concerns facing LGBTQ+ travelers. Booking.com is collaborating with partner facilities to create a more welcoming and inclusive travel experience.

Proud Certified Partners Speak Out

Partnerships with accommodations worldwide are integral to the success of the Travel Proud program. These partners recognize the value of the Proud Certified designation in fostering an inclusive environment. “Travel Proud is a perfect complement to the work we’re already doing,” affirms one partner, underscoring the program’s significance in creating a welcoming space for all travelers.

Joining the Movement

Booking.com invites accommodations worldwide to join the Travel Proud initiative and become Proud Certified partners. With over 60,000 properties already involved, the program offers a three-step process to ensure facilities are equipped to provide inclusive hospitality to all guests. From training staff in Proud Hospitality to implementing best practices and providing resources, Travel Proud empowers accommodations to create a more inclusive travel experience.

To ensure that everyone can feel secure and comfortable while traveling in Japan, Booking.com is introducing a Japanese-language program for partner facilities. With various LGBTQ+ activities, including the Rainbow Parade, scheduled across Japan, the initiative aims to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding to ensure all travelers can enjoy their journey authentically.

A Perspective from a Proud Certified Inn

Daniela Girard, CleanBnb’s Revenue & Reservations Team Leader, highlights the transformative impact of the Proud Certified certification. “Travel Proud gave me insight into practical and concrete ways to make an impact on the ground,” she shares. Similarly, Petra Novakov, HRG Hotels Czech Republic Regional Revenue Manager, praises Booking.com’s efforts, stating, “The company’s awareness initiatives are unlike any other.”

The recent Tokyo Pride Parade 2024 stands as a testament to Japan’s increasing recognition and celebration of LGBTQ+ rights. It inspires hope and underscores the importance of global movements towards greater acceptance and equality. By embracing initiatives like Travel Proud, we can continue to foster a world where everyone can freely experience the wonders of travel, regardless of who they are or whom they love. Join the movement today and be a part of transforming travel for LGBTQ+ people worldwide.