Of-the-moment cyber mystery

When the mother (Nia Long) of a typically social-tech-savvy 18-year-old LA girl whose dad died a decade earlier goes missing while on vacation in Colombia, young June (Storm Reid) makes creative use of her only resources: online apps, texting, security cams and navigation programs. But her sleuthing turns up more questions than answers. Nice turn by Joaquim de Almeida as the cut-rate Colombian private eye she hires online.

This is one of those films that takes place entirely on a computer screen, so you’ll be doing as much reading as watching. But don’t pass it off as YA fluff. First-time writer/directors Nick Johnson and Will Merrick have fashioned a tight little low-budget thriller that will keep you guessing right down to the unfortunately conventional ending.

I thought I had sussed out the culprit early on, only to have my suspicions change to a different character, and then another. It’s twisty without being tricky, and genuinely suspenseful. Hardly groundbreaking but if I had to sum up my viewing experience in one word, it would be “fun.” (111 min)