Two stars align

Sixty-somethings Sam and Tucker (Colin Firth & Stanley Tucci) set out across Britain in their ageing RV to revisit friends and family, and a few places that have had special meaning in their long and loving relationship. The sad reason for their trip is that Tucker has been diagnosed with dementia, and each day of their remaining time together becomes more precious. As they reminisce, unspoken, shocking plans are revealed. 

Harry Macqueen firmly established his dramatic chops with 2014’s Hinterland. With Supernova, he has created a heartfelt and heartbreaking drama of rare grace and compassion. Not a lot happens, but it happens beautifully, and the emotional punch is as powerful as it is unexpected. The writer/director has the wisdom to just let these two superb actors run with it. Flawless. Neither has ever been better. (93 min)

Japan release date: July 2