The Kill Team

Murky wartime morality

A young U.S. infantryman (Nat Wolff) on his first tour in Afghanistan begins to have doubts about the disturbing methods employed (and taught) by his veteran platoon leader (Alexander Skarsgard) — things like planting grenades and Kalashnikovs on innocent native suspects before murdering them. 

This little feature by Dan Krauss, a riveting true story and an expansion of the director’s own 2013 documentary, is not epic war cinema. But thanks to a tight performance by Wolff, complemented by the genuine dread generated by Skarsgard, it offers up some real suspense and serves as an excellent window into the moral dilemma our young troops often face in that misbegotten war.  

It’s an uncomfortable sit, but especially timely in light of Trump’s recent pardons of people who engaged in precisely such murderous acts. (87 min)

Released in Japan January 22, 2021