Japan Bullet Train

Japan Bullet Train

Speedy and stress-free Shinkansen tickets


Plan your next train journey around Japan with ease like never before. On January 31, 2024, Inbound Platform Corp launched a new Shinkansen ticket service, specially catered to visitors and foreign residents in Japan. This new foreigner-friendly platform allows non-Japanese speakers to book and arrange Shinkansen tickets without the worry of encountering language barriers.

Previously, online booking of train tickets had been a confusing ordeal. Websites written mostly in Japanese with limited translation available, made navigating the information difficult. Not to mention the need to create an account on booking sites prior to arranging tickets, making the process lengthy and complicated. Such confusion may have deterred some travelers from traveling around Japan to their heart’s content. 

Now, this brand-new platform allows users to arrange Shinkansen and express train tickets in three easy steps. First, find your ticket directly through the website by choosing the date and time of your train. Once arranged, you’ll receive a QR code confirming your ticket booking. Then, simply pick up your paper ticket using the provided QR code to complete the exchange. If you would prefer an in-person exchange, some stations have JR ticket offices (known as midori no madoguchi) where you can inform an operator you would like to receive your tickets with the ticket confirmation QR code. Alternatively, you can use the reserved seat ticket vending machine or the Green Ticket machine to collect your ticket.

Japan – July 2019 : High Speed Train passing Fuji Mountain Background in Summer, Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan

The new Japan Bullet Train ticket service website has been created with ease of use for visitors and foreign residents in mind, taking measures to ensure the website is easy to understand and navigate for anyone. Online booking from the site is available in English, Chinese, and Korean, with plans to expand to include French and Spanish in the near future. To answer any questions that may arise in the booking process, customer service provides telephone assistance in seven languages.

Travelers who prefer to plan trips far in advance can book tickets through Japan Bullet Train from both within and outside Japan. Allowing users to plan their trip before coming to Japan. The site is also equipped with various guides, including how to receive your paper ticket at the station, boarding procedures, and what to do in case of exchanging or canceling your ticket. Guaranteeing travelers the smoothest sailing train journey.  

The Japan Bullet Train ticket service of course caters to JR Shinkansen with destinations headed all over Japan, but also all conventional JR lines nationwide. This includes popular routes such as the Narita Express, convenient for those traveling from overseas. You can also purchase tickets various express train types. However, the JR Rail Pass is currently not available for purchase on the platform.

Arrange your next trip around Japan with the Japan Bullet Train ticket service for utmost ease. The careful considerations compiled by Inbound Platform Corp in creating this platform ensure a stress-free train journey for you.

Visit the website to book your trip. https://www.japan-bullettrain.com/