March 21–April 20


Mars shifts focus, moving out of a syrupy – sweet but sticky – situation. Now he’s primed and ready to go. While you may not have believed it before, a whirlwind romance can show up – and you’re off! If you’ve chosen a more independent path, your ruling planet offers unprecedented ways to take creative action this week.


April 21–May 21


Watch your money. Someone very talented and attractive could help you win or lose big. Either way, with Venus showing the way, luxury is a priority. Emotions run high, too. The Moon connects with Mars to make you feel energized on every level. Let yourself feel sexy and strong. You’re on the right track.


May 22–June 21



The Moon transits your financial sector. You can feel your way through decisions. Mars, the energizer, drives your communication. If you know something others don’t, you may choose to bring this information forward. It’s a stellar leadership opportunity, and you will be in charge. Then treat yourself to a night out.


June 22–July 23


Your ruler the Moon connects with Ceres. It’s time to make a wish. It works best if it’s in your interests and helps others as well. Then this luminary transits to converse with Mars, who is all fired up. He is on a mission, making you the financial wizard. Relationships spark and revitalize. Let the drumbeats begin!


July 24–August 23


This could very well be your week. Mars has arrived in your sign. He’s a fiery planet, you’re a fire sign – well, you get the picture. Things heat up with energy to spare. Then the Sun transits to Leo. Happy Birthday! If you choose to say good-bye to the past and jump into your future, the doors are wide open.


August 24–September 23


Ideas may be popping. If they haven’t reached the physical plane yet, trust the stars. Mars is in the early degrees of the sector where secrets and powerful (but as yet repressed) energies reside. Prime yourself before you make your next move. Then you can drop and roll when the urge strikes you.


September 24–October 23


Just when you thought you’d have to make a decision, the universe offers up another choice. Nice to know there’s not just one answer to your future, isn’t it? Even if your destiny is mapped out, the way to get there may have several paths. Rebel Dark Moon Lilith may entice you while you travel.


October 24–November 22


Partnerships stabilize with a fun twist. Venus makes sure you’re able to sink into a harmonious agreement. This applies to your personal life and business. It’s rare to get through life without blending your efforts with another. However, if you have managed it, there’s still a windfall coming.


November 23–December 22


So much that was shiny has tarnished. Those who made mistakes have a lot to answer for. After all, you’re mopping up after them. While this can push every button you have, it’s not about you – other than your lack of free time. Both Mars and the Sun bring optimism to traveling, studying, and getting back to yourself this week.


December 23–January 20


You need answers and you want them now. Where are the people who know what’s going on? Being the earth sign you are, you don’t just pick up the slack – you initiate and keep going. Mars has entered an area where you’re looking at what you share with a certain someone. You’ll be motivated to move forward, whether they are, or not!


January 21–February 19


Do you feel you have enough cutting-edge experience? Ready to sit back and relax? That may not be on the agenda just yet. Finances are healing but still slippery, so they may seem non-existent. You’re having to be original about your home. Luckily, the stars show a warmth and stability that is waiting just for you.


February 20–March 20


Insights come out of the blue. Some are a shock, but you’re used to it. You see what could be wonderful and are surprised when it’s blocked. A visionary of the highest order, your heavenly perspective can’t always be held in the frequencies of earth. To keep things running, Chiron retrograde in Pisces lets you take charge as you practice feeling your true strength. Some things are worth holding onto.