Tokyo Community Fashion

Tokyo Community Fashion

Your go-to vintage stores across the city


No more gatekeeping! Rather than wandering around Harajuku and Shimokitazawa looking for your next vintage picks, our readers bring you the fruits of their vintage-hunting labor with this curated store list. 

Adam – LOST BOY 

Credits: Medium

I’m a sucker for vintage music t-shirts, and I don’t mean the masses of Joy Division and Nirvana prints. I mean legit band t-shirts from the past tours. It’s like buying a piece of history, and I’ve found no better store in Tokyo for this than LOST BOY. True to its name, it’s hidden inside a second-floor apartment at the end of a narrow street. You’d never stumble across it unless you were told it was there. I found a Britney Spears “Oops!…I Did It Again” tour t-shirt from the 2000s. You wouldn’t see much, if any, of Britney’s real merch in the stores in Harajuku. It also sells many rare, good-condition movie t-shirts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let the owner know and they will keep it in mind when making future stock orders.

2-12-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
$$ – $$$ 

Marley – ambition 

Credits: ambition

Here’s where I found my NIKE ACG waterproof jacket. The face value was almost ¥60,000, but I snagged it for ¥20,000. Most things here are in good condition and at a fairly good price. The jacket could have easily been double that if I had been looking at a Harajuku store or any other popular place. This place is a bit out of the way, it’s run by a couple of middle-aged guys who don’t seem to care about capitalism, trends, or profit. It’s mostly non-branded goods so perfect for getting daily-use staples and statements. Worth checking out every once in a while and it’s nice to stop by here after watching movies at WASEDA Shochiku, an independent local cinema nearby. 

2-9-12 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku
$ – $$

Jen – Sureau 

Credits: @Sureau_koenji
Credits: @Sureau_koenji

Only hardcore vintage hunters who venture to the end of Koenji’s main vintage street will discover the inconspicuous dollhouse that is Sureau. Almost inaudible violin music plays while antique cotton gowns and dusty taupe jackets float from the wooden rafters like phantoms. This place feels truly special and somber and is packed with ancient finds. Perhaps the most modern item in the entire store, I scored a tiny pair of Damier Louis Vuitton heeled sandals. The staff was so surprised that they had finally found an owner whose feet could fit that they called the owner on the spot to express their joy, then offered me a free antique butter knife. I dug around online and found a similar pair going for ¥60,000, but I paid ¥20,000 at the time. 

3-21-19 Koenji Minami, Suginami-ku 
$$ – $$$

Kei – Tsuribashi Pyun 

Credits: @tsuribashipyun
Credits: @tsuribashipyun
Credits: @tsuribashipyun

This place is casually amazing. Located in the middle of absolutely nothing special, a couple of guys are chilling out in a cold pile of MAD CAPSULE MARKET tees (for some reason, you’ll find a lot of this specific Japanese digital hardcore band’s merch here) and other renowned Japanese bands’ tees. The prices are way cheaper than Harajuku or Shimokitazawa and it feels like shopping with your brutally honest friend, since the owners give you genuine feedback on whether something fits your style or not. (They were right, shoulder pads did not suit me). Bonus points that they gave my girlfriend a cool sticker and she got so many compliments from strangers on it. 

5-30-5 Nogata, Nakano-ku
$ – $$ 

Izzy – upperupper 

Credits: Upperupper

The vibe here is solidly “hip-hop.” You’ll find lots of basketball clothing and memorabilia such as Lakers and Chicago Bulls. Windbreakers, baggy jeans, graphic tees and bold chains adorn the shelves and racks. I never expected Ueno to have a place like this, since the east part of Tokyo is lesser known for vintage stores. It is a little more expensive than just buying hip hop style new, but many of the items have such character and are in good enough condition that you don’t mind shelling out a little extra yen. 

6-2-5 Ueno, Taito-ku

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