An electrifying fusion of angelic and demonic elements through music 


Japanese idol group Devil ANTHEM. has recently unveiled their latest single album, titled “GOD BLESS YOU!!” and “Mont Blanc to Go.” These two tracks impeccably epitomize the duality of this five-member ensemble more than ever before. Devil ANTHEM. is also renowned for their unwavering dedication to delivering electrifying live performances, encapsulated by their infectious catchphrase, “make some noise.” In fact, the period at the end of their group name is to emphasize that they are putting an “end” to the idol industry. In other words, they are creating a new musical era by taking over the idol industry their way. This unique and unforgettable J-Pop girl group made their debut on the music scene in 2014 and currently comprises the talented members Kurumi Takekoshi, Yume Hashimoto, Kaede Ando, Airi Takemoto, Akira Mizuno as well as producer Takeshi Ueda (AA= / ex- The Mad Capsule Markets).

Their rise to success is evident through a string of sold-out live shows at the iconic Shinkiba Studio Coast since 2020. However, it was in 2022 that the group truly hit a high note, with a grand and unforgettable live performance at the Ex Theater Roppongi. Celebrating their 8th anniversary at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall later that year, the group made a momentous announcement: their imminent major debut with Victor Entertainment. Despite their youth, Devil ANTHEM. has undeniably left an indelible mark on audiences, infusing their performances with an infectious energy that reflects their fun and exciting attitude, all while crafting a uniquely brilliant and captivating musical universe.

devil anthem

Mark your calendars for December 29, as Devil ANTHEM. is set to commemorate their 9-year anniversary with their largest-ever headline performance at the illustrious Tokyo Dome City Hall. This upcoming event is poised to be a pivotal milestone for the girl group, propelling them further along their path to stardom. For those eager to secure tickets for this momentous occasion, detailed information on the ticket purchase process can be found at the bottom of this article. Don’t miss the chance to witness this extraordinary group in action at one of Tokyo’s most iconic concert halls.

Devil ANTHEM. stands as a shining example of the dynamic and captivating world of J-Pop idol groups. Their ability to seamlessly blend angelic and devilish elements in their music and performances has earned them a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim. With a history of sold-out shows, a major debut on the horizon, and an upcoming 9-year anniversary event at the iconic Tokyo Dome City Hall, Devil ANTHEM. is undoubtedly on the cusp of even greater success. Their remarkable journey in the world of music promises to continue evolving, making them a group to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of J-Pop. Don’t miss the opportunity to join them on their exhilarating musical ride.

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