Fatima Hajji JAPAN TOUR

Feb 23, 2024 at 11:00pm ~ Feb 24, 2024 at 5:00am

Spanish DJ Fatima Hajji, who has been playing at clubs and festivals all over the world and reigns supreme in the techno world, is coming to Japan!

DJ, composer, entrepreneur (runs her own label platform SILVER M, releases her favorite producers, and promotes events of the same name in Ibiza, Amsterdam, Barcelona, etc.) Fatima, born in Spain and of Arab origin, loves nature, animals, and striking colors. From her analog and classical roots to her contemporary fusion of ancestral sounds, she is a specialist in music deeply rooted in Africa and has been leading the dance music scene for nearly 20 years. She has been a leader in the dance music scene for nearly 20 years. Step by step, Fatima Hajji has established herself as an artist not only in Spain but throughout Europe.

From Japan, KEN ISHII, the world-famous techno god of the Orient, who spends almost half of the year DJing abroad in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Oceania, etc., and has made his mark on the global dance scene. Experience a premium night out.

We hope you will experience a memorable night.

Open: 11 pm
Price: ¥3,500 at the door or ¥3,000 advaned

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Start: Feb 23rd 2024 at 11:00pm

End: Feb 24th 2024 at 5:00am




1-29-1 Kabukicho B1-B4