Grand Hyatt Spring Menu 2024

Grand Hyatt Spring Menu 2024

A Celebration of Seasonal Delights


As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and the days grow warmer, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo invites you to celebrate spring with an array of fresh culinary experiences. From the Sundown Specials at The Oak Door Bar to the delectable desserts at the Florentina Pastry Boutique, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this vibrant season with.

Happy Hour at The Oak Door Bar and Maduro

The Oak Door Bar welcomes guests to enjoy their brand-new selection of elegant beverages to unwind in style with its Sundown Specials happy hour. With fashionable drinks on offer between 5 pm and 7 pm, the happy hour is perfectly timed for an after-work wind-down or a pleasant evening for travelers. With customizable cocktails and dynamic bar snacks, each day of the week has something special to offer.

Start the week on a high note with a fine selection of highballs on Monday. Featuring a Scottish whiskey highball served in a smoked decanter, as well as a Miyagikyo whiskey highball served in a traditional yet stylish koborezake ( overflowing liquor ) style. Pair your drink with a French dip beef sandwich for a satisfying start to the week.

(Read more about Japanese Whiskey here)

Enjoy classic American cocktails on Tuesday, including the Manhattan and the Cosmopolitan, or expand your taste with lesser-known American cocktails as well. Accompany your drink of choice with a classic pulled pork sandwich.

An array of delectable fruit martinis will help you get over the mid-week hump on Wednesday. Pick a fruit of your choice from the bartender’s fruit basket and wait for your perfect fruity beverage for the evening. Pair it with a spicy seafood dish for a flavorful mid-week treat.

Unleash your creativity on Thursday with your own customizable gin and tonic. With a choice of six gins, three Fevertree tonics, and eight garnishes available, create your perfect poison for the evening. Tuck into a serving of chicken lollipops while you wait for the experienced bartenders at The Oak Door to bring your creation to life

Meanwhile, the jazz bar Maduro will also be debuting their very own bar experience. With their extensive selection of over 50 beverages on offer, guests are welcome to choose two drinks of their liking. The fine selection of drinks including champagne, whisky and the bar’s signature mojitos will be accompanied by delicious tapas. Serving pork rillette and grilled tuna, this brand-new bar experience will allow guests to experience Maduro’s sophisticated atmosphere without the music cover charge.

Springtime Dining at The Oak Door 

For an evening of springtime dining as the nights grow warm, explore flavors of spring with The Oak Door spring dinner menu. Exploring flavors from both land and sea, the fine selection of dishes at the elegant steakhouse is sure to satisfy your cravings. A seafood platter starts the meal, with clams, prawns and a firefly squid marinade as well as a spring garden salad adorned with goat cheese. Spring Grill comes as the main course, featuring a selection of sirloin, lamb chop, grilled mackerel and red king crab Finish off with The Oak Door’s famous pavlova for dessert.

Pair the delicious meal with a refreshing beverage from The Oak Door Bar. Each cocktail makes use of seasonal fruits, such as the plum cosmopolitan and melon New York sour Mocktails are also available, allowing guests to enjoy all of the flavors Japanese spring has to offer with friends and family.

(Find out more about The Oak Door at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo here: The Oak Door Reopens)

Fiorentina Pastry Boutique: Spring Desserts Selection

The patissiers at Florentina Pastry Boutique have provided two delectable dessert selections to celebrate the oncoming spring season. From March 15, the Easter selection will be available for both adults and kids to enjoy. Indulge in a delectable collection of Easter eggs, perfect for an Easter egg hunt to celebrate the season of new life.

The spectacular selection of Mother’s Day cakes will soon follow to show appreciation to mothers everywhere. The Grand Premium Flower Cake makes a flawless gift with its decadent layers of strawberry, chocolate creme, mascarpone and creme brulee, all adorned with a dome of beautiful flowers. Spring desserts can’t be complete without cherries. The Fiorentina Pastry boutique cherry promotion begins on May 15 with the wonderfully tart fruit featured in various delicious sweets.

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