Dare we remind you of that New Year’s resolution you made to start working out? Of course, if it has already long gone out of the window, you’re not alone; 43% of all people expect to fail before February, and almost a quarter quit within the first week of setting their New Year’s resolution. What’s needed to really make a resolution to stick is something that’s motivational. Something that keeps you accountable, has progress you can track toward your goal, and doesn’t make you feel silly while you’re sweatily battling with a weight machine wondering if you’re doing it right in a room full of toned superhumans… 

That’s where Orangetheory Fitness comes in. America’s fastest-growing fitness studio has landed in Japan — Tokyo’s Azabujuban to be precise — and it’s easy to see why its innovative approach to workout sessions means it is already a hit in the capital. 

Downloading the app makes it easy to book a session at a time that’s convenient for you, and then track your progress. You can buy an Apple-watch-esque heart-rate monitoring device or rent one from Orangetheory. Wear it during class to record your heart rate and workout data. Your workout results are then sent to the app immediately after class and are displayed on-screen during class to keep you motivated and on-track. 

To compliment such a high-tech approach to fitness, the studio itself has modern equipment and all the amenities you need to refresh yourself after a session. Orangetheory’s exclusive treadmill reduces the impact on your joints by approximately 40% compared to average running. The rowing machine also has less impact on the body than others, and mobilizes more than 80% of the muscles of the whole body, helping you burn fat and build muscles safely an efficiently. 

What further sets Orangetheory apart from other Tokyo gyms is its key approach to the “after-burn effect”. When you perform high-intensity exercise for a short period of time, your body becomes starved of oxygen and tries to compensate by consuming more oxygen. It sounds a bit technical and scary, but it’s one of the most efficient ways to burn fat as this after-burn state means that you continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours after your exercise session. 

That’s why Orangetheory keeps things short and high-intensity. The one-hour training is a new type of group training created by fitness experts, and you can tailor your training with your coach to exercise at an intensity that matches your age, gender, and exercise experience. 

Find out more about Orangetheory Fitness and start your free trial here

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