March 21–April 20


Venus and Mars are in compatible signs. While you may agree in theory, does your love life feel like ships passing in the night? Venus is retrograde. She doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. In this configuration, her modus operandi is to hide away until she can figure things out. Find other outlets until she comes to her senses, which is in just over a week.


April 21–May 21


You’re ruled by Venus, so you have a natural charm that goes a long way. But does it seem like it’s taking longer to get your glow on? Venus is retrograde, so flow with this for just a while longer. You’ll be back in the pink soon—true for all Taureans! Leaning against an immovable obstacle? There’s a Sun/Uranus connection this week to create a spontaneous break through!


May 22–June 21


Quick mind that you are, one of your secret strengths is organization. Without that, you might skim over the tangled webs of your week. With your skills you may have extra time to help other signs as they try to fathom the Venus retrograde—Mars connection. (It’s short-term, so you can save the day and still have energy left.) The Sun conjuncts Uranus—a wild card to enjoy!


June 22–July 23


With spring comes longer days and happier shadows. Energy renews from within, and inspiration is easier to find. You have time to seek out friends and enjoy their company. With Mercury and Mars in this sector of your chart, they may come looking for you! The Sun in your career sector brightens options. Uranus allows for a breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!


July 24–August 23


Everyone knows the power of the Sun, but not everyone knows it rules Leo. When there are aspects to other planets, you feel them. This week the Sun squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. Translation? Following your heart may bring resistance—and you’re forced to choose how to stand your ground. A sudden change in the heavens brings you the edge you need to win this.


August 24–September 23


If you take in the renewal of spring, you’ll find the heart to continue. It may seem like galactic black holes have suddenly arrived on earth. Venus wants to bring beauty directly to your door, but being retrograde, she’s on a slow track. Then your sense of self—of whom you have worked so hard to become—is tested. The Sun/Uranus connection breathes in a new perspective.


September 24–October 23


Knowing that Jupiter in Libra made some heavy promises, you may wonder where all that focus went. The Sun opposes Jupiter this week, and just for a day, egos may go all out of bounds. Especially in relationships! Side-step this show. Wait for the Sun/Uranus connection, which frees your thoughts and your body. New perspectives are pushing to break through.


October 24–November 22


Managing expectations and decluttering stress helps you see further. It’s not easy to feel your future when there are branches and tangles in your path! Venus has something to share, but whether it’s beauty or love, it’s blocked by Saturn, who wants more of a commitment. Wait until later this week when the Sun/Uranus connection opens the whole thing up for review!


November 23–December 22


Being optimistic doesn’t mean you’re naïve. They don’t always go hand in hand. The question is, how much do you stand to gain by continuing on the path you’re currently treading? Venus squares Saturn as the week begins. Money, security, even beauty treatments take a back seat—augh! Then the Sun conjuncts Uranus, and no one knows which way these winds will blow.


December 23–January 20


There may be times when you’re full-steam ahead, and nothing can stop you. In between you may wonder why you can’t keep up the pace. Watch for Venus square Saturn. These two can muck up your hair cut, your bonus, or your dinner date. Then the Sun squares Pluto, and no one can agree. When it conjuncts Uranus, suddenly a whole new possibility is revealed. Rejoice!


January 21–February 19


Prepare to be inspired. It happens in the spring, and is all the more noticeable in the midst of a testing time. Venus squares Saturn. Borrowing money or getting some you’re owed, or focusing on self-improvement, may be slowed down with rules and regulations. Then the Sun conjuncts Uranus, and there’s a twist and freedom you may not have expected!


February 20–March 20


Let spring awaken dreams that were hibernating this winter. If you’ve been feeling impatient, you no longer have to. Just knowing you’re here and can take action makes all the difference. Venus in Pisces squares Saturn. Bringing money to a scenario leads you to another task. The Sun conjunct Uranus has the power to break through red tape—and you’re on your way again!