March 21–April 20


Ever feel like there’s a ghost in your machine? Or that someone is trying to tell you something? The qualities of the stars are spectacularly in flux. Since Uranus is still in Aries, you may have already been introduced to some of the possibilities. Uranus rules electricity, clairvoyance and the internet. What has seemed unlikely in the past is about to become the new normal for you.


April 21–May 21


Venus steps happily into your sign this week. As your ruling planet, you get a warm and fuzzy connection that others may not. It’s alright to take yourself to the spa, or book in a beauty treatment. Or shop for a jacket that fits like a glove. Venus in Taurus is all about substance while feeling and looking good. Invest in yourself to receive her gifts.


May 22–June 21


As the Sun continues to be in Gemini – Happy Birthday! – shades of meaning adorn your week. Mars, the energizer, leaves your sign and enters your financial sector. This is especially helpful if you’re chasing a raise or a new job. Venus leaves your area of group connections and requests a little privacy. Mercury, the messenger, enters Gemini, so you’ll have no trouble saying it like you see it!


June 22–July 23


There’s a bonus for you and it comes straight from the heavens. Mars enters your sign over the weekend. This is a red-hot planet who puts you in motion. Then Venus steps over the line, leaving your career sector to start cozying up with friends. This can be you, too, or at least, you may get a decent meal out of it. Try to see her gifts not as an obligation, but an opportunity to go deluxe.


July 24–August 23


The stars really do line up for you this week. The red-hot focus of Mars heats up your area of secrets and shadows. Idea bubbles rearrange, so choose what keeps you satisfied. Then Venus adds a touch of luxury as she puts you in the spotlight, bestowing hope for the future. Finally, Mercury the messenger gets things moving in the right direction! Opinions are being thrown about, though in your heart you may have already decided.


August 24–September 23


Ah, Virgo. This is a week to be surrounded by dreams. The planets’ transits create a bit of gem-like aura, with you as the crown jewel. Mars supports your group connections and helps speed things up a bit. Venus opens you to a higher level of spiritual perception as you build on what you’ve already developed. Then Mercury brings what you need, hard, fast, and on time.


September 24–October 23


Now that you’ve almost reached the light in the tunnel, you may be happy you took the ‘high road’. Temptation has a tendency to be everywhere. Feel pulled in too many directions? Your strength and sustenance is your ability to work through issues and apply them to an emotional template. This week your ruler Venus transits to a place where love and luxury meet. Sexy!


October 24–November 22


Planetary energies pull on you to ‘be there’ for others. All the while, you may wonder when your schedule will allow a little ‘me time’. On the surface, this week has the look of normalcy, a ‘hunky dory’ position to be in. But underneath, do you sense a bit of ‘hmm…’ as each event rolls in? Venus brings a gift or a beautiful partner this week. Enjoy the overtures for the memories they make.


November 23–December 22


Sagittarians need to feel free; that is, if you’re going to stay optimistic. Having Saturn in your sign is like carrying around a weight you never wanted in the first place. It won’t be there forever, rest assured! Although it’s out of your norm, let Mars take care of you. If you feel the heat, trust the guidance you receive (and run hot if you like it).


December 23–January 20


You may find you’re in demand, wishing you had more time for yourself. Mars moves opposite Capricorn over the weekend. Partnership connections speed up. If you’re prone to disagree, there’s a hit-or-miss aspect. Tempers can flare. Then Venus happily enters a creative place in your chart. Good food, yummy romance, high quality clothing. Indulge.


January 21–February 19


Promises, promises. No one has time for them, especially you! Your mind delves deep and moves fast, due to the influx of Mars’ energy at work. Mars square Chiron can mean you may barely start one thing when three other tasks need to be done. If you’re not working, the same could be true at home, where others ask you to help out – and just keep asking. Venus adds a softer touch, offering a place to sink into. Gardens, blossoms, and green leaves are your retreat.


February 20–March 20


Planetary transits are in your favor. Mars enters your romance sector over the weekend. If you’re feeling shy, you’ll enjoy the rush of energy Mars can bring. Suddenly you can take action where there was once a question mark – or at least, you’re willing to try. Venus smooths out conversations so the thought of more is appealing. Mercury the messenger has something to say at home.