Jett Edwards

Jett Edwards

Founder/Vice-President of Mighty Mobile


Originally published on on September 2007


What brought you to Japan?
I first came after touring as the bassist and band director for a Japanese artist. Even after 10 years of living here, I still feel like Japan chose me—rather than the other way around.

Please tell us about your company.
I run Mighty Mobile with three partners. About six years ago, I started investing in American content and began utilizing connections in the music industry to get artists to record downloadable ringtones, etc. Mighty Mobile currently has one of the largest selections of foreign content available in Japan, ranging from celebrities like Destiny’s Child and Simple Plan to Star Trek’s William Shatner. Our current site is called American Direct, and can be accessed by cellphones on all the major Japanese mobile providers. We were also very fortunate to partner with one of the top content providers in Japan, Axcel Mark, which controls over 40 major mobile sites, including Best Hit J-Pop.

What are you working on these days?
I am currently working on a project called Sony Acid, distributed by Hook Up. It’s a music recording software system, which allows you to create your own songs and change the pitch and tempo by using beats we have created. It will be available in stores in October. One other exciting project I am working on is the release of my new CD next February from Warner Bros, DYME Records and Bayside, which is owned by Wayne Henderson of The Jazz Crusaders.

What is your goal for the near future?
I’ve always thought the future begins every minute of every hour of every day, but I’d like to continue on this path.

Where is your favorite place in Tokyo?
My home. I have everything there that I want and need, and the fact that it is in Tokyo makes it even more special.