Shibuya's Futuristic Space Cafe


With its futuristic image to maintain, culture moves at lightspeed in Shibuya. CLUB THE PEPPER is a rising star in the tourism industry. Following on from the success of the Pepper PARLOR, a uniquely-themed cafe with humanoid robots serving up an original menu of carefully selected ingredients, seasonal fruit parfaits and afternoon tea sets, CLUB THE PEPPER is a dining club where androids and humans converge. Since its opening in 2019, the media and tourists alike have been queuing at its doors, eager to get a glimpse of the near-future experience within. With the mission statement “A world of robotics. A world of possibilities,” SoftBank Robotics has been a trailblazer in providing robotic solutions across various industries.

On the preopening date December 6, the club saw live performances by talented Japan-based DJs like Mizmon, DJ Celly and DJ RINA to announce the reveal of CLUB THE PEPPER. Operated by SoftBank Robotics Corp, the concept is to build an atmosphere where visitors can listen to DJs (Fri-Sun), dine on authentic Japanese food, and watch the synchronized dancing of the humanoid robots on the stage. 

Transforming the renowned Pepper PARLOR café into a dynamic nocturnal destination, CLUB THE PEPPER promises a fusion of music, robot performances, and exquisite Japanese cuisine, creating an unparalleled blend of culture, technology, and gastronomy.

 Strategically located on the fifth floor of the Tokyu Plaza building in Shibuya, it’s a prime central spot for tourists. From Shibuya Station, you can pass the famous Hachiko statue and Shibuya Scramble crossing to reach the venue across the street. 

Once you step inside, the car and foot traffic noises are replaced by high-quality club sounds as the atmospheric lighting bounces off the walls and stage. A fleet of robots, their eyes aglow, set the scene for captivating performances. The DJ booth stands adjacent to the main stage, featuring a lineup of talented artists every Friday to Sunday night. 

CLUB THE PEPPER also has a great menu and is one of the rare places where visitors can enjoy some of the most popular kinds of ramen all under one roof, such as the classic Jiro-style Ramen Fujimaru. Fresh nigiri sushi and the indulgent beef sukiyaki featuring luxurious wagyu beef are also on the menu. The culinary offerings mirror the establishment’s commitment to tradition and innovation. 

CLUB THE PEPPER promises a sensory journey that extends beyond the visual and auditory, creating an unparalleled fusion of modernity in the heart of Shibuya’s dynamic cultural scene. Solidifying its status as a trendsetter in the ever-evolving culture of Shibuya, this is a must-visit for anyone in Tokyo. 


Operating from 8pm to 11pm, CLUB THE PEPPER transforms into a hub of energy and excitement,
welcoming well-established DJs during the weekends. Customers can order exclusive meals from the dedicated Mobile Order platform, enhancing the overall experience of dancing with robots and relishing Japanese food.


Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 5F, 1-2-3 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku


8pm – 11p.m. (FOOD L.O. 10pm, DRINK L.O. 10:30 pm)