Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna

The Kat jumped over DeLuna


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on May 2012

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The creator of “Whine Up”—the febrile dance number that launched a thousand swiveling hips—returns to Japan. Metropolis caught up with Kat DeLuna for a quick chat about biculturalism and the long break since her last disc.

Give us a sneak peak at your new album Viva. How does it evolve the Kat DeLuna sound and when will it drop?

The sneak peak is that Viva is coming soon. If I gave it away then it wouldn’t be worth the wait.

It’s been five years and three record labels since “Whine Up.” Tell us about some of the challenges, and what keeps you centered through all the changes.

My love for what I do is what keeps me centered, my “Lunatics” [fans] keep me centered, and most of all my family keeps me centered.

You grew up in the Dominican Republic and US. How can you be a bridge between Latin and American cultures?

I am a bridge between Latin America and America because I am both. I became part of this new bilingual world of young people who speak and represent both sides, who are American but never lose their ancestry!

Tell us what success in countries as far away as Finland and Romania has meant to your life.

Being successful in so many countries means the world to me! I’m very grateful and blessed for my fans around the globe.

How do you approach creating sexy songs and at the same time be a role model for young women?

To me music is fun and at many times is the voice of the heart. When I’m creating I just concentrate on speaking from my heart.

Tell us about your relationship with Japan so far.

I love Japanese culture. Although this will be my second time visiting I feel like I never left. A good memory of Japan was when I visited Shibuya and all the girls thought I was Japanese because my hair was blonde and long like theirs! In fact, people ask me if I’m Japanese all the time.

What kind of band and setlist will you bring to Tokyo?

I’m very excited about the shows I will be doing in Japan. This will be very fun and spontaneous. Can’t wait to see you Japan and reintroduce my love for you on stage!

Stellar Ball, May 24 and Yokohama Bay Hall, May 27.