Jeez, Brian, just retire

A hunky Copenhagen cop (Nicolaj “clueless” Coster-Waldau) seeking his partner’s killer teams up with the guy’s girlfriend (Carice van Houten, who apparently cannot move her face). Their enemy is a sneering ISIS mastermind wanted internationally for horrible acting. Guy Pearce drops by to pick up a paycheck as a smarmy CIA manipulator.

There is absolutely nothing to recommend this drab, unintentionally campy, cliché-infested, poorly acted, thrill-free counterterrorism thriller. I only watched it so you wouldn’t have to and because the director is the legendary Brian De Palma.

The director has given us Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Scarface, Body Double, The Untouchables and Carlito’s Way (but also Bonfire of the Vanities). To be fair, De Palma has distanced himself from the film, citing budgetary constraints and on-set difficulties, and he didn’t write it. 

It’s just sad to see a once-formidable director reduced to this direct-to-DVD dreck. A definite skip it.

(89 min)