Set on the sixth floor of the Atre Ebisu building, it comes as no surprise that the newest branch of the renowned Mumbai Japan restaurant family is as delectable and popular as the other seventeen locations. Although the Atre building boasts a range of shops and restaurants, this does not stop the appeal of Mumbai Dining as an elite and delectable choice for high-quality, authentic Indian food at more than reasonable prices.

The menu at Mumbai Dining includes lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner set menus. Including a tea set in their menu is a rarity across other Indian restaurants in Tokyo, but the Mumbai Dining Afternoon Tea Set, available from 2PM – 5PM every day, is inspired by the true flavor of a Mumbai afternoon. Free refills of Mumbai masala chai complements the flavors of samosas and cheese naans, no doubt leaving one wanting more. The four variations of chai that Mumbai Dining offers everything from refreshing iced masala chai to a spicier cinnamon chai harmonise with the array of dishes available to order, and encapsulate the atmosphere of the relaxing and luxurious Ebisu branch. Available to use for parties or larger groups, Mumbai Dining holds thirty-six seats and is available for private bookings, making it possible to experience the sharing of North-Indian cuisine with friends and colleagues.

Open from 11 am until  last orders at 9:30 pm, there is ample time to enjoy the delights of Mumbai Dining. The elegant décor and location at the hub of Ebisu mean that it is the perfect destination for elongated lunches, celebratory dinners, or relaxing afternoon teas. The menu boasts seasonal dinner sets, engaging the senses of smell and taste with pungent and warming flavors.

The Seasonal Thali offers a curry of choice, freshly baked naan, warm turmeric-infused rice, and a variety of sabjis (side dishes) so that every flavor from spicy to salty can be enjoyed in one meal. The array of dishes within a thali creates a sensational flourish of textures, and will no doubt leave you wanting to try more of the delicately cooked curries. The Black Pepper Chicken Curry is somewhat of a jewel in the Mumbai Dining’s already glimmering and enticing crown, and fuses well with the softer flavors of the naan or rice options, but is a rare find in other Tokyo Indian restaurants.

Diverting from the traditional thali, the A La Carte menu offers a selection of distinctive Tandoori Grill meats. The succulence of the Chicken Tikka grill balances perfectly with the refreshing salads and soups that offer a divergence from the heat and splendor of the meat dishes. However, if you are looking for vegetarian options, both the lunch and dinner menus entice a venture into fresh Aloo curries, and the kitchen is also able to fulfil other dietary requirements with ample notice, so there is truly a dish for everyone waiting at Mumbai Dining.

Mumbai Ebisu’s black pepper chicken dish

The luxury associated with the dining options in the Ebisu Atre building is heightened when one enters the sleek Mumbai Dining restaurant and continues through to the elegance of food presentation, and the care with which each dish is cooked. Dining at the Mumbai Japan Ebisu branch upholds the standards of Mumbai Japan’s trusted brand, and with its delightful wood-carved ornaments decorating the cooling blue walls, it truly feels as though you have walked into a North Indian oasis, the air brimming with spice and warmth.

Mumbai Dining is the perfect place for slowing down and savoring the food that is attentively cooked by talented chefs, and served by friendly, English-speaking staff. For those who crave something sweet, the afternoon tea set is the perfect way to indulge in an exquisite dining experience. But if you are searching for a hearty, savory curry or grilled dish, then Mumbai Dining has a plethora of tempting options to satisfy every craving.