Dream Horse

Winning warmth

Dream Horse Trailer

Dream Alliance was a steeplejack race horse bred by small-town Welsh bartender Jan Vokes (the always-excellent Toni Collette). Jan has little money and no experience, but plenty of aspirations. She cajoles her neighbors to chip in the funds to buy a breed mare and to train the resultant colt, which to everyone’s surprise (except maybe the audience) went on to win some of the country’s most elite races.

So a surprise-free, unabashed crowd-pleaser that’s moving anyway. It’s okay if every plot twist can be seen coming off the back stretch from a mile or two off. We know the horse is going to win because it’s based on a true story. But the pleasure in this comfort flick is accompanying Collette and a solid, entertaining cast on the slightly off-kilter gallop to the finish line.

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