Cryptic family secrets

An upcoming young DA from a powerful and wealthy family gets shorted financially when her tycoon father dies, but then learns that he’s also left her a special inheritance (no spoiler here, really): a man held literally in chains for 30 years in a secret underground room. 

We’ve had a spate recently of “A-listers in B-movies.” You know, overqualified actors appearing in crap movies in order to pay off back taxes or maybe buy a boat. This is not one of those. This is more like “B-listers in a movie that will need a lot of work to reach B status.” Lily Collins and Simon Pegg are accomplished actors, and I usually enjoy their work. But here they are confusing Big Acting with Good Acting, and it’s just laughable. 

The premise, preposterous as it is, becomes even more ludicrous as this talky, overlong and vacuous movie grinds along without the slightest trace of subtlety. Skip it twice. (111 min)

Japan release date: June 11

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