A Guide to Tokyo’s Best Rooftop Bars

A Guide to Tokyo’s Best Rooftop Bars

Kick back and take in Tokyo's galactic skyline

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If you’re looking to pair a tangy summer cocktail with a panoramic view of Tokyo’s skyline, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a Tokyo local or a hopeful tourist, it’s perfectly acceptable to crave a thirst-quenching experience in a chic atmosphere. And plus, it’s a perk to enjoy a night away from the vexing mosquitoes flying at ground level. No matter what you’re in the mood for, we have you covered. From laid-back environments all the way to nightclubs, a rooftop experience should definitely be next up on your summer bucket list. 

Hacienda Del Cielo (Shibuya)

Created to fill the gap of Latin food in Japan, Hacienda Del Cielo suits itself with an authentic modern cuisine that is made with traditional spices and balanced out with a variety of vegetables. While the restaurant focuses on Mexican food, it also serves flavors from South America, including Brazil, Peru and Argentina. The interior looks modern and elegant, but the prices are still affordable, with most drinks being less than ¥1,000. Being on the 9th floor, you can see the colorful skyline of Shibuya at night or share an affordable lunch with your friends during the day.


Bar Déva (Shibuya)

If you are looking for a calm atmosphere for a talk with friends, a date or just missed last train, this bar is a good pick. Just a two-minute walk away from Ebisu or 15 minutes from Shibuya, this laid-back bar is located on the 7th floor and offers a cozy atmosphere even for a chilly night. The bar is decorated in an elegant brown and red theme, accentuated with blue elements complementing the night sky. For taste, the bar offers a sophisticated selection of drinks and appetizers, peaking in excellent gin, bitter chocolate and orangettes for whiskey and wine lovers, as well as a seasonal fruit cocktail that can be tailored to your needs.


ComMunE (Shibuya)

This rooftop area sits on top of Shibuya Parco and provides a casual atmosphere to take a break after a shopping spree or to retreat and have a nice chat with friends to enjoy the evening. It also houses two eateries-slash-bars: IKI-BA, a diner with panini, curry and fruity seasonal beverages and TAKOBAR, which offers authentic meat and veggie tacos and drinks made of Latin American liquors. Surrounded by a bit of greenery, this is a good opportunity to relax during the warm summer months.

A-bridge (Setagaya)

A little more niche but not at all less interesting is A-Bridge, which sits on top of Sangenjaya, just 5 minutes from Shibuya by train. This place is decorated with a mix of wood and concrete, being brought to life by greenery making it feel like an urban jungle overviewing the surrounding Tokyo neighborhood. They serve snacks as well as main dishes throughout day and night and have every bar-typical drink from beer and wine to soft drinks and fancy cocktails. You can get everything at an affordable price and engage in friendly chats in this warm and local atmosphere.


Roku Nana (Roppongi)

The dim lighting, the lush plants, and the fine menu of fermented grapes make Roku Nana one of our go-to’s for date night. Just a short walk from Roppongi Hills, Roku Nana has both indoor and outdoor seating, with an emphasis on lighting as the main driver for their calm ambience. Outside, their tables are made of glass, boxing beaded candelabras, illuminating a glow that is dim enough to contrast the surrounding buildings’ lights and the blue sky at dusk. Spotlighting their truffle popcorn and their pickled quail eggs, their food menu consists of small appetizers made to properly counterbalance their potent drinks. 


Cé La Vi Tokyo (Shibuya)

If you’re active in Tokyo’s nightlife, you probably already know this one. Cé La Vi is a rooftop bar-slash-club that’s popular with many crowds, and with its stunning view of Shibuya’s skyline, it’s not surprising. The terrace area combines distinctly luxurious vibes with the experience of floating above the heart of Tokyo. Even if you’re familiar with Cé La Vi as a club, it’s worth checking them out during the day or in the evening before they’re packed with dancing bodies. They have a selection of signature cocktails and an extensive wine list, and their BAO burger is great if you’re looking for something a little different but still comforting. 


Privado (Asakusa)

Asakusa’s building ‘MIRROR’ holds five floors of quality time. But if you’re new to Asakusa, the top floor is worth checking out. Privado offers both indoor and outdoor seating with an aerial view of the Tokyo Skytree. As it overlooks the Sumida River, this intimate space carries a quiet atmosphere accompanied by a great playlist of soft jazz. At night, the lights from the surrounding buildings glisten against the water, making it a perfect setting for date night. We tried their homemade pickles and the melon and fig version of their seasonal fruit cocktails. The pickles were fermented enough to hold a sheer amount of sour, balancing out their fruity cocktails. With their vast list of drinks and homemade bar snacks, Privado’s laid-back vibe is the spot to end your day and start your relaxing evening. 


Sky Lounge “Stellar Garden” (Minato)

In a city flooded with lights, it’s hard to overlook the glowing heart of the city, the Tokyo Tower, pumping blood to its people. Although the Skytree has had its fair share of fame, at the end of the day, the Tokyo Tower lives to be Japan’s Eiffel Tower. And if you want front-row seats, head to the Sky Lounge “Stellar Garden” occupying the 33rd floor of The Prince Park Tower. The drink menu is chock full of creative cocktails, flamboyant mocktails and delicate eats. We recommend reserving ahead to secure the couple’s seating for the best close-up view. 

Roof Dogs (Ginza)

A 2-minute walk from Higashi Ginza Station sits the glowing ALOFT Hotel, attracting the young crowds. Once you take the elevator to the seventeenth floor, you’re greeted with an electric hallway, leading you to Roof Dogs, a bar reminiscent of San Francisco’s Haight Street. As the balcony is outfitted with picturesque lights along with a retro Volkswagen nestled in the corner, this bar is the perfect backdrop to update your socials with. Plus, this open-air terrace is enclosed with glass, taking care of the views across Ginza’s skyline. Roof Dogs plates American food, including snacks, hotdogs and their signature ALOFT burger. Although their list isn’t long, their drinks are reasonably priced. With wine and sangria at ¥1,100 per glass and beer for ¥900, Roof Dogs is a one and only that won’t break the bank.

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