Hotel Graphy, Shibuya

Hotel Graphy, Shibuya

Where urban hospitality meets hostel charm


Plan your next stay in the heart of Tokyo at the newly opened Hotel Graphy Shibuya by Global Agents. This prominent figure within the Japanese hospitality industry continues to surprise and captivate travelers with its innovative facilities. Hotel Graphy, the newest addition to the impressive cohort of hotels with their eccentric ‘hostel-hotel’ concept, brings an entirely new experience to travel accommodations.

Having opened its doors in February 2024, Hotel Graphy redefines urban hospitality with its unconventional fusion of the cosmopolitan hotel environment and the easygoing atmosphere of an overseas hostel. With a total of 74 rooms within the facility, ranging in size and room type from classic hostel dormitory-type rooms to independent single rooms, visitors can plan their stay perfectly catered to their preferences. Those who stay at Hotel Graphy can all enjoy the lively and authentic hostel experience while still maintaining a space for the peace and quiet of a modern hotel. Rooms are offered at various price points ranging from ¥6,000 to ¥20,000, providing budget-friendly options for travelers with different budget ranges.

The brand-new facility in Shibuya has a multitude of novel social spaces that allow guests to interact with one another within the dynamic international demographic Hotel Graphy calls together. The luxurious 24-hour lounge and terrace space on the seventh floor offers sprawling views of the Tokyo skyline, a sight that can’t be seen anywhere else. Within the lounge space, entertainment systems such as billiard tables are in place, presenting guests with a space to socialize and enjoy their time with other travelers. Pick up a beverage of your choice from the free refreshments corner and perhaps enjoy a warm coffee while taking in the sparkling city view of Tokyo in the evening.

No stay is complete without delicious food served with convenience within the facility. The lobby space on the first floor of Hotel Graphy will serve as a spacious restaurant and bar space, with beers and alcoholic beverages available during daily Happy Hour. The restaurant space will host the ‘Graphic Grill & Bar’, an American diner-inspired restaurant where travelers can enjoy a fantastic grilled meal. With ‘Graphic’ in the restaurant name, you can expect the items on the menu to appeal to the eye as well as the palate. Connect with locals in the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant while unwinding from a long day of traveling.

With its location in the Tokyo metropolitan area of Shibuya, Hotel Graphy incorporates elements of work into its facility as well. Its co-working service ‘.andwork’ provides freelancers and remote workers a place to work and collaborate with one another, establishing itself as not only a leisure accommodation facility but also a space for productivity within the city.

Alongside the multitude of facilities available on its premises, Hotel Graphy has also placed immense consideration into its design, taking inspiration from its location and rich history. Situated within Shibuya Bridge, one of the three revitalization schemes created to reconstruct the area surrounding the abandoned elevated railway, the interior design of this innovative hotel pays homage to the former train tracks with ‘rails’ being incorporated into the visuals of the facility. Subtle hints of the railways through the elegantly patterned wallpapers and the curved shape of the building allow guests to experience a touch of Shibuya’s abundant history.

Alongside their brand concept ‘A space to update yourself’, Lively Hotels has established six brands and eleven hotels across Japan with a capacity of over 1200 rooms. The grand opening of Hotel Graphy, Shibuya, expands the presence of Lively Hotels within Japan to twelve establishments, further solidifying it as a hospitality powerhouse. As the second facility based in Shibuya by Lively Hotels after The Millennials with its sensational ‘smart pod’ accommodation style, Hotel Graphy aims to establish itself as its own entity. With its fresh concept of a ‘hostel-hotel,’ this new and innovative hotel sets itself apart from others to offer exceptional hospitality and new experiences for travelers from all over the world.