The Legend of Tarzan

The dazzling but irrelevant 3-D action keeps you awake

Lord Greystoke (a blandly Byronic Alexander Skarsgård), now resettled in England, is called back to the Congo in the 1880s to deal with Belgium’s rapacious colonization. This ungainly, glum superhero treatment (the Vineslinger?) is at least better than 1984’s Greystoke, but that’s not saying much.

Its dazzling but colossally irrelevant action set pieces give the 3-D something to do and serve to keep you awake, but sabotage whatever momentum the meager, anachronistic storyline has managed to generate. Good points: Christophe Waltz as yet another smarmy villain, and Margo Robbie as Jane. Japanese title: Tarzan Reborn. (135 min)