The history of the gyudon titan 


Yes. Yoshinoya. The gyudon titan’s origins can be traced back to the Nihombashi fish and vegetable market in 1899. From opening day, it has had a singular focus: beef on rice. While times have changed and the menu has ballooned in scope, the chain still serves the same dish that started it all. No amount of disaster, natural or man-made, has been able to stop Yoshinoya’s monumental march to fast food royalty. Forget for a moment that they are, in fact, full-service diners: Yoshinoya and all of its gyudon slinging rivals serve food that is both faster and cheaper than anything you’ll find at a Western chain. They’ve also been doing it far longer. Started by Yoshinoya, gyudon shops have become beacons of utility for all who seek both satisfaction and reflection at a moment’s notice. Their pace reminds us of our progress. Their value reacquaints us with the past.

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