Instant Celtic classic

Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart again dip into Ireland’s rich mythology to craft another richly imaginative and philosophically profound hand-drawn animation that rises well above the overproduced Disney dreck that these days passes for family fare. If you’ve seen Song of the Sea or The Secret of Kells you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

Rookie English crossbow hunter Robyn (voice by Honor Kneafsey) and her professional wolf-hunter dad (Sean Bean) arrive in Ireland to wipe out the last of a wolf pack that the superstitious villagers consider to be demonic. But things get complicated when she meets and befriends Mebn (Eva Whittaker), a free-spirited girl who belongs to a secretive woodland clan that are rumored to turn into wolves at night… and she changes into the very thing her father has been hired to kill.

Truly for the whole family, this one will thrill the kids and entrance the parents. There are lessons here that you cannot be too old to learn. (103 min)

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