Podcast: Metropolis On Air 1

Podcast: Metropolis On Air 1

Interviews with Def Tech + Fukushima Kids Dolphin Camp, plus Tokyo record shops and more


We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast, Metropolis On-Air!

Stream using the player above or download the MP3 file.

On Air 1: Def Tech, Fukushima Kids Dolphin Camp, Record Shops

In the inaugural episode of Metropolis Magazine’s new podcast, Metropolis On Air, host C Bryan Jones sits down with Def Tech’s Shenan Brown to talk about the group’s creative process, Hawaiian spirit, the music industry, and more. We’re also joined by Tetsuo Nakahara of Fukushima Kids Dolphin Camp, and we hit the streets in search of Tokyo’s best second-hand record shops. Plus, Japanese language tips in Lingoist, and more!

Be sure to check out the full-length interview with Shenan, which runs almost an hour and is available separately in our podcast feed. There’s also a longer version of our interview with Tetsuo in the feed as well.

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