Samurai Restaurant

Samurai Restaurant

Wild samurai unleashed: Shinjuku’s premier entertainment experience


Say goodbye to the iconic Robot Restaurant era and gear up for a revamped and eccentric Japanese escapade! Bathed in neon, the Samurai Restaurant is the latest attraction to hit Kabukicho, Shinjuku’s eclectic nocturnal hub. The restaurant serves up a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese arts and samurai culture with its innovative set design, flashy costumes, and thunderous live taiko drums. 

Beyond a mere eatery, it’s a performance space and cultural experience. Your ¥9,000 ticket not only grants access to the show but also includes a range of dining options. Choose from bento boxes, steak, and rice sets, or sushi platters. If you prefer, the in-house menu offers udon or ramen and a selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and snacks – all conveniently ordered from your seat.

Samurai Restaurant is currently located within the Gira Gira Girls Bar in Shinjuku, meaning there’s a minimum age limit of 18 years. The restaurant opens at 1:30 pm followed by the main show which runs from 2:30 pm until 5 pm, providing a full afternoon of entertainment. 

Samurai Restaurant
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 The main show consists of three acts featuring choreographed sword fights, dance and instrumental performances, and special seasonal shows with each act narrated in English. Whether it’s a rainbow-wigged samurai gracing the stage or the spectacle of dazzling lights enveloping the performance space, the Samurai Restaurant guarantees a captivating experience.

At its core, Samurai Restaurant encapsulates the vision of its president, Mitsunari Hashimoto, who seeks to meld traditional Japanese culture with Japan’s stellar technology in virtual arts. The audacious performance reflects Hashimoto’s vision to create an artistic piece that elevates these traditions. “[My goal is] to go above and beyond,” he explains, “to push the boundaries of showmanship in Japan, shock the audience each time, and do what other performances can’t.” Each performance element is woven around this central concept. 

Samurai Restaurant
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Coming from the same producers of the now-closed Robot Restaurant, the Samurai Restaurant emphasizes that they build upon and expand the genre rather than simply imitate. The Samurai restaurant provides a fresh experience for those who have previously attended the Robot Restaurant and welcomes both residents and tourists alike. If you’re seeking an encounter with Japan’s most eccentric experiences, securing a reservation at the Samurai Restaurant is a must for your next evening out.

Samurai Restaurant at Gira Gira Girls 
1-7-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
Hours: 1 pm – 5:30 pm (closed Thursday & Sunday)
Tickets: ¥9,000  in advance / ¥10,000 day-of
Official Reservation Page (English)