Gallery 11

Gallery 11

A glimpse into Shibuya’s artistic and culinary past, present and future


Brimming with countless record stores, live music venues, clubs and art galleries, Shibuya has played home to the creative stories of Tokyo for generations. Aiming to capture these stories not just visually but through dynamic flavors, settings and music, Gallery 11 in Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya has set itself apart as a bar and restaurant that delivers the full essence of Shibuya’s creativity in one space. 

Conceived through meticulous research and attention to detail, Shibuya’s creativity is at the heart of everything you see and taste at Gallery 11. From the furnishings, crockery and glassware to the expansive food and drinks menu, decades of Shibuya’s artistic history are embodied in the space. Records, books and contemporary art commissioned from local artists flow through the variety of lounge, dining and bar spaces. Setting the tone across the restaurant’s breakfast, lunch and dinner times, thoughtfully curated playlists provide a soundtrack to your visit, both inside and outside on the sprawling outdoor terrace. 

The menu, conceived by executive chef Davide Di Dio, pays homage to the creative and culinary culture of Shibuya, as well as his own Mediterranean culinary background. Born in Naples, chef Di Dio developed a love of cooking from his Grandmother and went on to gain experience in some of the most sought-after restaurants and hotels in Europe, Australia and Tokyo. With a passion for bold flavors and an emphasis on vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free eating, his breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar menus offer a range of options hard to come by elsewhere in Tokyo. Popular dishes like the sweet potato croquette with yuzu koshō and shishito broccoli gyoza offer an elevated twist on izakaya and convenience store favorites. Dishes like the zucchini moussaka with vegan bolognese and goat cheese exude the bold and dynamic flavors that Chef Di Dio has become known for.

The expansive drink menu also pays homage to the neighborhood’s history with Neighbourhood Cocktails like the 8-flavored Hachiko infusing a six-flavored gin with apple and lemongrass, as well as the pizza-flavored Mary and Hachiko which makes use of Hachiko sauce only available in Shibuya. The Shibunama beer is another Shibuya-only favorite and the wine list offers a number of imported rarities from Australia, New Zealand and France. Meticulous detail and cultural fusion aren’t limited to just the food and drink menu – if you take a look at the restaurant staff, you’ll notice their uniforms are made from up-cycled denim and kimono fabrics, designed by Shibuya-based designer COTÉ MER

Coming into the holiday season, the team at Gallery 11 is planning their festive menu which is set to offer a Mediterranean twist on Japanese winter comfort food like meat and potato stew and a lasagne gyoza but the team is most excited for the current project – the omakase course. Intimately set around the kitchen counter, the omakase course will pair a variety of cocktails with exclusive menu items ranging from a variety of seasonal soups and appetizers to handmade pastas and salads with the restaurant’s typical focus on vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

What Gallery 11 creates is an experience even greater than the sum of its evocative and delicious parts. From its gallery-like interior to the care given to its sonic and culinary elements, everything comes together to offer a glimpse into Shibuya’s creative past, present and future. 

Gallery 11
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