Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on July 2012

Onetime wife-and-husband indie-psych-folk duo Tenniscoats have charmed audiences worldwide for over 15 years now with their barmy, improvisational performances. But does the fun translate to the less immediate form of recorded music? On Saya and Takeshi Ueno’s new outing All Aboard!—a collaboration with legendary Japanese drummer Ikuro Takahashi—the answer is yes and no. On the hippy-dippy opener “Korogarimario” their restless, playful spirit comes through. And goofy rock ‘n’ roller “Mashamoshamo” features perhaps popular music’s finest whistle solo to date. “Fūchi chiku man” and “Yumi wa Sukkiri,” on the other hand, set songstress Saya’s gossamer voice against Takeshi’s elegant, lonesome guitar chords. At other times, however, playfulness strays into mere directionless. All aboard, but be careful where you’re going Uenos.

O-Nest, July 14-15 (listing).