Wancott Dog Hotel

Wancott Dog Hotel

A dog hotel that is nicer than a human one


Knowing your dog is slumming it in a characterless dog house whilst you’re sunning it up on a beach somewhere can somewhat sour the enjoyment of a trip abroad. Not being able to bring ones pooch along for the ride is an unfortunate situation for many Tokyoites, especially within the expat community who often find themselves having to return home at least once a year. But dogs can now bark with joy at the prospect of having decent digs to dwell in thanks to the huge WANCOTT dog care facility located in Yokohama’s Chinatown.

As a former sports center the two storey facility boasts plenty of space for its canine guests. Offering both long and short term stays for dogs of all shapes and sizes the clean, colorful terraced kennels provide them with a much more comfortable environment than a typical cramped cage or box. Available in three different sizes, the doors also lead out to a spacious play area, overseen 24/7 by dog loving staff. Expat Silvia Nurra has been using Wancott for about a year and is more than happy to leave her beloved Loulou under their care during her trips abroad. “Usually at dog hotels they put the dogs in a cage but Wancott has a room… I think there are lots of benefits such as being sent Loulou’s picture everyday, all the staff there are very friendly and lovely and email response sufficiently prompt. When I am in Italy or France, I can enjoy myself; I know Loulou is happy so I am happy. After her two week stay, I can see that she enjoyed herself, no stress at all. And when I drop her off at hotel, she quickly reacts to the Wancott staff because she knows the staff there are very friendly.”

WANCOTT dog hotel
WANCOTT clientele Silvia Nurra and her dog Loulou

For those that just need somewhere for their dogs to stretch their legs for an hour or so, especially during weather and seasons that make the outdoors a particularly uninviting prospect, WANCOTT has converted what was once the swimming pool into a free space for dogs and their owners to run around in–no muddy paws or wet, matted fur to worry about. On busy days, thanks to the climate controlled environment and a special system which eradicates any animal odours, members can relax and wait comfortably in the lounge area whilst enjoying complimentary coffee and take photos of their dogs on a mini, seasonally themed photo stage.

WANCOTT dog run Yokohama

WANCOTT provide a range of other dog related services at the facility including a rehabilitation center, which has its own custom built water tank with treadmill, balance balls and a regular treadmill to help speed up the injury recovery process, and an obedience training class to help tame those who still possess a slightly wilder style. There is also a store where members can also take advantage of discounts on a whole range of products to pamper their pooch with.

So next time time you are fretting as to who will look after your dog and under what conditions, head to WANCOTT for a clean, safe environment, leaving you free to enjoy your trip with piece of mind over your dog’s wellbeing.

3F, 4F Leyton House, 168-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama. Nearest stations: Ishikawacho, Motomachi-Chukagai. info-eng@wancott.com.