It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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March 20 – April 18


Mercury, the Messenger, moves opposite your sign. Negotiations towards peace and harmony go a long way, especially in relationships. Venus transits to your solar fifth house. This goddess may bless you if you’re feeling romantic, moving towards a creative pursuit, or spending time with the kids. Ruler Mars goes retrograde. You may have to take a leap of faith or wait.


April 19 – May 19


Mercury transits, bringing conversation to a happier resolve. Ruler Venus also moves signs. She may offer a plan for an upgrade, making life at home worth sinking into. Breathe easy. While this goddess likes to spend money, you might not have to. You may be gifted with an easier form of décor. Mars goes retrograde. Slowing down may net better results.


May 20 – June 20


There’s a lot going on in your solar eighth house. This can bring material and emotional security, especially in relationships. Single? It still includes organizations and institutions on your side. Retrograde planets move events step by step until they work best for you. Venus transits to make connections electric. Mercury enters your sector of romance. Find a way to amp it up!


June 21 – July 21


Snuggling under a blanket sounds divine, but eventually you’ll have to come out. When you do, you might like what you find. True, Mercury does move to influence conversations about home and hearth. Since it’s moving direct, they’ll make sense. Venus enters your income sector, which may mean you’ll earn (and spend) more. Mars goes retrograde, influencing career. Take your time.


July 22 – August 22


This is a blessed week, Leos. Even if it doesn’t reach the full range of fun, you have the stars pulling for you. Mercury leaves your finance sector, lending himself to conversations you’d rather have. Venus enters your sign, bringing back glamour and romance. Mars goes retrograde. He’s doing a jig in your travel sector. What is offered may equal more.


August 23 – September 21


You’re able to get your finances in order with Mercury’s assistance. This Messenger travels to your income sector, putting the full weight of your intellect into play. Venus, goddess of warmth, wonder, and beauty, transits to your solar twelfth house. Dreams are precursors to fun and flash connections in the future. Mars moves retrograde. Travel may complicate things.


September 22 – October 22


Balancing routine with the unexpected is the new norm. While this task is for yoga masters, you may be thrown into the mix. Mercury transits to your sign. You can enjoy finding your voice as you share your Libran charm. Venus, your ruler, transits to amp up creature comfort with friends you admire. Mars goes retrograde, creating a slow simmer in relationships.


October 23 – November 21


A steady pace may feel less than glamorous, but it does keep the focus in realms of safety. Without time to wander off, you are assured a straight (if narrow) entry to your goals. Your spirit deserves to feel infused with divine energies. Mercury transits to lighten dreams. Venus moves towards a pay off in career. Mars goes retrograde. A work cycle may be revamped.


November 22 – December 20


Endless retrogrades in your finance sector may be unnerving. Why won’t the tasks complete so you can relax? Pallas Athene, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in your area of income refuse to be pinned down. Mercury moves to connect you with friends. Venus transits to ignite your spiritual focus. Mars goes retrograde in your house of romance. Things may slow or reverse.


December 21 – January 18


Mercury transits to open communication in your career. What you say is likely to be heard and understood. You may feel like you’re channeling it all. Venus enters your solar eighth house. A gift or inheritance could come your way. Mars goes retrograde. When it comes to endurance, time and energy are required. If you can’t stop, know the stars will help slow things down.


January 19 – February 17


You can fly over the conflicts and go straight into action. Aquarius is motivated by what is just and fair in a humanitarian way. Technology is an off-shoot, used to help others. Mercury moves to bring your spiritual views down to earth. Venus transits opposite your sign. She wants a partner to feel treasured. Mars goes retrograde. Communications may hover or even reverse.


February 18 – March 19


You do so much, yet is it never enough? You sense to the depths of the seas. It’s easy to feel water-logged. If you’re a dreamer, they may pick up, intense and vivid. Mercury transits, bringing large institutions and those with the money closer. Venus moves to make work a more comfortable scene. Mars goes retrograde. Finances slow to reveal the best choices for you.