Art Fair Tokyo 2019

Art Fair Tokyo 2019

March 8 – 11 (March 7 for press and private viewings)


Photo by Yosuke Takeda

Once again, the largest international art event in Japan is upon us, this time with more offerings than ever. Art Fair Tokyo 2019, held in Tokyo International Forum, will be hosting 160 exhibitors in an expanse that celebrates the world of art, its global community and this year’s theme: “Art Life,” partnered with a red color scheme. Additional events will be held concurrently, namely Future Artists Tokyo and World Art Tokyo.

Just outside of the main Art Fair Tokyo exhibition hall are the exhibition spaces Crossing and Projects. Projects is a very aptly named section — here, 12 up-an-coming artists in partnership with 12 galleries will show their work. The section was created strategically, allowing these galleries additional and beneficial exposure. The artists will draw on a wide array of mediums, from traditional origami cranes to laser-cut stencils. 

Across the Lobby Gallery from Projects is Crossing, in which leading Japanese department stores will host booths, alongside regional crafts bodies. The space reflects Japanese society and its close relationship with the artistic realm, particularly as one can note that access to valuable and top-quality art is more readily available here than in many countries. 

Alex Dodge Trauma of Information Art Fair Tokyo 2019 Maki Arts Collection
Courtesy of Alex Dodge and Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo. The Trauma of Information (December 12, 2018), 2019. Oil on linen.

Future Artists Tokyo, on its second year as companion to the art fair, will exhibit the work of students from 19 art colleges and universities around Japan. The event will also be lead by a team of students from these same art colleges. The occasion will allow students a taste of their future and a peek into the competitive and highly regarded world of art trading.

World Art Tokyo, on the other hand, is a celebration of the international community of art, exhibiting artists recommended by 31 different embassies in Tokyo. This exhibition too will be curated by students — only two though, both majoring in art studies and curatorial practices at the Graduate School of Global Arts (Tokyo University of the Arts).

Art Fair Tokyo has become more than an international meeting ground for artists, gallerists and buyers. It is now a true reflection of Japan’s relationship with the arts and its consistent attention to the manner in which the arts can improve our lives. This is your chance to revel in this culture, too! 

March 8 – March 10, 11am onwards. Alternative hours are available for press and private viewers.

Art Fair Tokyo 2019: Tokyo International Forum Hall E, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku (Entrance Fee required)

Crossing / Projects: Tokyo International Forum Lobby Gallery (Free admission)

Future Artists Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum Lobby Gallery (Free admission)

World Art Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum Lobby Gallery (Free admission)

Art Fair Tokyo