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If you’ve lived in Japan for any length of time, one thing you’ll be keenly aware of is the sheer amount of construction that is constantly occurring all over the city. Whether it’s Shibuya’s skyline or the house down the street in your neighborhood, it seems like as soon as one thing is finished, another thing is starting. Prefab housing has been a major contributor to this constant cycle of demolition and construction and, while it may be relatively cheap and quick for developers, has resulted in fairly sterile, one-size-fits-all housing for many Tokyoites. The prevalence of this style of housing has split the housing market in two – old houses requiring renovation and modern houses lacking that feeling of warmth ad personality you want in your home. Whether you’re looking to revamp an older home or add a touch of individuality to a newer one, the interior renovation industry in Japan is sadly stuck in its ways, often requiring unnecessarily lengthy work periods for even straightforward jobs, meaning long periods of displacement for the resident. Thankfully a market for quick and easy interior design solutions has opened up, making life easier for Tokyo residents.

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One thing modern prefab houses have in common is their hopelessly sterile interior walls and floors. Taking up the majority of any house, floors and walls make a stark and inescapable impression on any home interior, commanding the look and feel of the living space. Floor and wall refurbishment is one of the most common interior design concerns for those looking to revamp their home and JK Interior is cutting down the lengthy construction times typically associated with this kind of work. Most renovation companies in Japan might require days or weeks for even basic work, resulting in expensive quotes and long periods of displacement whereas JK Interior’s simple design solutions can typically be completed in 12 – 48 hours, massively cutting costs and time away from home. For instance, where traditional companies might opt to wax or completely replace house or apartment floors, JK Interior offers glass coating, a high-durability alternative to waxing and extensive renovation. Water and scratch-resistant glass coating not only saves time and money but also offers 20 years of protection to the floors in your home, adding peace of mind.

Vertically, Showa-era concrete or the more modern, white-papered walls seem to be the status quo in Japan but that doesn’t need to be the case. Even a small amount of time spent looking at the alternatives available on the JK Interior website yields a range of alternatives that not only completely revolutionize the look and feel of a room but also have functional merits such as odor protection and humidity control. JK Interior’s Ecocarat wall protection can be quickly and easily installed and various colors and styles are available to suit the particular taste you’d like to achieve. Their website even has a digital simulator available to help you visualize how their Ecocarat designs would look in your home.

JK Interior services many areas of Japan including Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki and Tochigi. The easy-to-use website provides examples of their work and conveniently outlines the process of a typical job from consultation to completion. Head to their website to see what they can offer to add the warmth and character you’ve been missing in your home.

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