Our Metropolis Autumn Issue is out now! This time, we explore “Behind the Scenes Tokyo.” What is Tokyo? How can we define such an ever-evolving metropolis? The truth is it’s impossible to condense it all into one magazine, but in the space we had, we celebrate some of its most extraordinary citizens inspiring the city and shaping its future, as well as plunging into the overlooked systems and secrets that make Tokyo tick. But what’s the point in just reading about it? That’s why we want you to get involved with the communities that matter to you, from NPOs to creative workshops, international education and online creators. Find it around Tokyo (locations below) or read it online.

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Some highlights:

Love for the abandoned | Mina Martinez’s animal sanctuary bringing a ray of light to the dark side of Japan’s pet industry
Into the World(s) of Xtra  Life as a Gen Z drag queen and YouTube star
Based in Japan Series | Arthell Isom on being the first foreign-owned anime studio in Japan
About Town | Artisans teach us the secrets of their crafts
Tokyo Restaurants | Introducing the most charismatic chefs in Tokyo
Afterlife in Japan | The new trends in the business of death
The Sounds of Tokyo | How a system of sounds keeps the city flowing

Where to find a copy of Metropolis: 

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Some of our favorite spots are:

Book 1st Shinjuku

Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

Junkudo Bookstore Ikebukuro

Kinokuniya Main Store Shinjuku 

Maruzen Bookstore Marunouchi

National Azabu Supermarket Minamiazabu

Nissin World Delicatessen Higashi Azabu

Tower Records Shibuya

Tower Records Shinjuku

HMV Shinjuku EAST

Soul Food House Azabu

Full list

Stay safe and have a wonderful autumn season! Stay tuned for our Winter Issue in December 2021. 


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