Bellustar Tokyo

Bellustar Tokyo

Shinjuku's newest hotels boast style, culture and comfort


Imagine staying in a hotel that perfectly captures the essence of the city it calls home. Picture historic tales adorning the walls and a vibrancy that matches the energy of the city surrounding you. How amazing would that be? With BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel and HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

The two new hotels located in Shinjuku’s TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER offer a perfect blend of style and comfort tailored to their own themes and targeted demographics. Whether you’re looking for a music-inspired stay or a luxurious escape, these hotels will have you covered. HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, a lifestyle hotel occupying the 20th-38th floors of the tower, offers an experience that combines mid-century modern design with Shinjuku’s BELLUSTAR TOKYO AND HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU Shinjuku’s newest hotels boast style, culture and comfort rich music, art and cultural scene.

The hotel boasts 538 rooms, with nine being identified as GROOVE ROOMS that feature art installations by select artists such as Takuro Tamayama, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu and Tomoyuki Washio. These installations not only add an artistic touch, but also allow guests to experience Shinjuku from the comfort of their own room. One of the more immersive GROOVE ROOMS is designed by Kaihatsu. Guests can play one of the mounted cassette tapes containing the sounds of Shinjuku, which transforms the room into a soundscape of the city’s past.

The dining options at HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU live up to the concept as well. Guests can indulge in Italian-style dining and drinks at the hotel’s jam-session-inspired restaurant, JAM17 DINING & BAR. Its open kitchen and spacious, wrap-around BELLUSTAR TOKYO AND HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU X METROPOLIS 8 METROPOLIS JAPAN SUMMER 2023 rectangular bar create an inviting, open atmosphere resembling live music venues, encouraging guests to casually socialize and mingle as they would in Shinjuku’s local bars. The hotel’s event spaces like JAM17 SPACE EAST, SPACE WEST and TERRACE are available to host a wide range of events, such as parties, music events, collaborations
and more.

During an interview with Metropolis, Nick K. Nishikawa, general manager of the hotels, recounts a moment that perfectly exemplifies the JAM17’s concept. “A few days ago, the weather was pleasant at night with a nice breeze. Some guests had dinner and then carried their glasses outside to chat. That kind of atmosphere is hard to find in Tokyo. Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Pan Pacific Hotels Group
adds, “Yes, very casual, which is exactly what HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel is all about.”

BELLUSTAR TOKYO, on the other hand, a luxury hotel occupying the 39th to 47th floors of the tower, focuses on providing a graceful sense of luxury, peace and calm above and away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The hotel features 97 rooms including five penthouse suites, with interior designs inspired by the beauty and elegance of Japanese culture. The designs are subtle and serene, featuring traditional motifs and wooden fixtures. With Japanese-style guest rooms and minimalist penthouse suites, Bellustar also takes pride in their suites’ panoramic windows, which allow guests to enjoy the
energy and beauty of the city without even leaving the hotel.

When it comes to dining, BELLUSTAR TOKYO offers upscale options, with Restaurant Bellustar serving modern French cuisine, and both Teppan Tenyu and Sushi JIN-È providing classic Japanese cuisine. Bar Bellustar additionally offers Japanese craft liquor that is sure to excite any beverage enthusiast. Similar to Bellustar’s suites, all dining areas are equipped with panoramic windows for guests to enjoy a memorable culinary experience with stunning views.

With both BELLUSTAR TOKYO AND HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU now open and ready to welcome guests, TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER is fully operational. In addition to providing exceptional hospitality and comfortable accommodations, both hotels have also indicated their openness to explore hosting events tailored to their specific demographics. “Since the tower’s grand opening on April 14, 2023, the tower has received many requests to host various types of events that cater to diverse audiences, from DJ events to the rainbow parade,” says Nishikawa. “It was a great mix of people who could belong to either the BELLUSTAR TOKYO or HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU demographics.”

Currently, HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU’s first event is a collaborative one with Evangelion, offering guests the opportunity to stay in an Evangelion-themed room for a limited time. During their stay, guests can enjoy original merchandise, special menus and drinks. Please note that this collaboration will only be available until July 20, 2023. If you’re planning to stay in Shinjuku, these hotels are worth considering. BELLUSTAR TOKYO AND HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU offer a perfect balance of style and comfort, with an attention to detail that will make your stay unforgettable. Book your stay now, and indulge in the finest hospitality that Shinjuku has to offer