Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival 2024

Aug 11, 2024 at 10:00am ~ Nov 10, 2024 at 4:00pm

Port of Return for the Past and Future

Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival is a festival held every three years on Sado Island, with  related projects being developed each year. It is a unique fusion of art works and local  history, culture and nature. Hosted on a mystical island where traditional culture such as  Noh theater and oni-taiko drums are closely intertwined with islanders’ life, together with  Sado’s history of migratory and indigenous cultures, the festival will inspire new  sensibilities and perspectives on art that can only be only experienced here. Site-based and  community art works will be exhibited across the island in unusual venues, including an almost abandoned shopping arcade in Ryotsu port and beautiful, small villages on the  northern tip of the island around Onogame. 

The festival will feature works by 14 artists domestic and international artists, showcasing  works inspired by and/or utilizing the materials and cultural assets on the island. Some of the artists will stay on the island for several weeks to create works that remain on site, while  others will visit to create pieces with the locals. One of the featured work this year is the performance piece “LANDSCAPE MUZAK PROJECT SADO ♯ 3 presented by  DOMMUNE, which will be held on a Noh theater stage, featuring musician Keiji Haino. In addition, sculpture painting, drawing and film, performance, and poetry, as well as works by students and community, music and pieces from past festivals will also be exhibited.  

The committee of the festival also uses the occasion to showcase the exquisite local culture  through various workshops, special tours and events, such as local outdoor Noh theater,  traditional puppet theater and folk music performance. The artworks are exhibited across  the island, encouraging visitors to explore Sado. A free multi-lingual audio guide will also  be available from August 11th, offering visitors information and local stories around Sado. 

Tickets range in price:

General: 2,500 yen in advance / 3,000 yen at the door 

High school students: 1,300 yen in advance / 1,500 yen at the door 

Elementary and junior high school students: 800 yen in advance / 1,000 yen at the door

Free admission for children under elementary school age and those with a disability  certificate (please present your certificate at the venue) 

Advance tickets are available until August 9 



Start: Aug 11th 2024 at 10:00am

End: Nov 10th 2024 at 4:00pm


Multiple locations around Sado Island with the main base in Ryotsu; Ryotsu / Iwakubi / Kitaushima / Aikawa / Niibo areas etc


53-1 Ryotsu-Ebisu Sado-shi