Tokyo Art Tank 10

Tokyo Art Tank vol 10: “The Winter Exhibition”

Nov 27, 2023 at 12:00am ~ Dec 03, 2023 at 12:00am

Join for an unforgettable week as they are unveiling a curated selection of artworks by 27 incredibly talented artists, each bringing their unique styles and perspectives to Tokyo Art Tank vol 10, including their special guest artist, John Gebbia.

Revel in a diverse array of artistic mediums and styles, from abstract to realist, from impressionist to contemporary and from graffiti to popsick. Let your senses be inspired and your spirits be uplifted by the beauty of art against the backdrop of Tokyo’s wintry season.

Experience Tokyo Art Tank’s daily art culture, we happily welcome you to enjoy our free events that will be held throughout the week of our exhibition.
Tokyo Art Tank will offer a free events such as a yoga and art class, with long-time experts, a drawing class, an acoustic music concert, a meet & greet cocktail party, entrance to Tokyo Art Tank Film Fest with a Q&A with the filmmakers and much more.

Tokyo Art Tank vol 10 is available to the public from November 27th to December 3rd. However, the main exhibition is on December 2nd and December 3rd and we encourage you to visit the exhibition early on Saturday, the first 20 people will receive free signed prints, stickers, t-shirts and other exciting tangible art.

This edition features their special guest from New Jersey, is John Gebbia. One of the most talented artists to come out of the state since Jon Bon Jovi, John Travolta, Shaquille O’Neal and Meryl Streep, artist John Gebbia studied at the Kubert school of cartooning and has worked in all areas of fine art, illustration, graphic-design and toy design.

John Gebbia has been considered by some as the “DAVID LYNCH” of comic book artist. His brilliant focus on detail and his mysterious storylines have baffled and dazzled generations of graphic novel enthusiasts.
John has decades of experience and he has worked on a variety of comics from Slave Labor Graphics as well as starting his own successful comic, DOSE! with brilliant writer and Tokyo local, Sean Ellis. When John isn’t meeting his comic’s deadline, he’s painting commissioned artwork, developing toys, and making plans for taking over the world.

Schedule for their free events

November 27
4pm – 8pm
Tokyo Art Tank vol 10 STARTS!
Meet & Greet! Come and meet the artists of Tokyo Art Tank and enjoy a variety of cocktails and fabulous mixed drinks!

November 28
11am – 8pm
Gallery Open to the public

November 29
2pm – 3:30pm
Free Yoga Class at the Gallery with long time yoga experts Shuko Ikei and Kazue.

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November 29
6pm – 10pm
Tokyo Art Tank Film Fest, free entry and free popcorn! Be captivated by tales and documentaries that take place in our beloved city of Tokyo by some of the city’s leading indie filmmakers. Each filmmaker will not only introduce his/her film but also participate in Q&A about the film and the techniques used in creating it.

November 30
3pm – 1pm
Spend an evening with Craig Chivers at Tokyo Art Tank vol 10 and learn his secrets of portrait drawing!
Materials to bring: charcoal (natural vine charcoal is best ミズキ is the best alternative, these should be the thin, hard, “stick” variety, not pastel, pastel pencils or charcoal pencils) kneeded gum eraser, small soft cloth (leather chamois is best) sandpaper for sharpening, pencil is also fine (HB is preferred), kneaded eraser, hard erasers, small knife for sharpening and paper: a pad of white drawing paper A2 or A3 (not smaller).

Part 1: The conceptual portrait (3pm-6pm)
Part 2: The synthetic portrait (7pm-10pm)

December 1
6pm – 11pm
Enjoy a night full of acoustic music, fabulous art, strong drinks and of course the majestic sounds of Joji and his magnificent band!

December 2
11am – 11pm

The first 20 people on Saturday will receive free tangible art and merch.

December 3
11am – 6pm

If you want more information, check their facebook page here.

The Artists:
John Gebbia
The Spilt Ink
Simon Kalajdjiev
Anthony H
Craig Chivers
Jay Holmes

Mone Fujita
May Drew
Parker Laren
Tania Lara
Miniou Aude-Claire
Tony Byker
Joji Soma
Adam Benedicto
Jonathan Hewitt
Erik Bishop


November 27 – 4pm – 8pm
November 28 – 11am – 8pm
November 29 – 11am – 10pm
November 30 – 11am – 10pm
December 1 – 11am – 11pm
December 2 – 11am – 11pm
December 3 – 11am – 6pm



Start: Nov 27th 2023 at 12:00am

End: Dec 3rd 2023 at 12:00am


Gallery Conceal Shibuya


4F 1-11-3, Dogenzaka