LOVEHO SELECTS November 2023


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Since its birth in 2018, Tokyo Love Hotels has showcased over 300 local and international artists, pop-ups, and performance acts. In collaboration with Metropolis, Tokyo Love Hotels cherry-picks 3 talents each month to be featured as LOVEHO SELECTS, showcasing artists and small businesses to readers and culture enthusiasts alike.

“Tokyo Love Hotels is an art-event organization based in Tokyo, Japan, that gathers local and international talents of all ranges to share a night of art, music, experiences, and love with the community. They support artists by providing space for them to perform, promote, network, sell, and exhibit their work; free of charge and commission.”

Artist: Cherry Jerrera 

LoveHo says: 

Cherry brings a whole new dimension to the ancient art of calligraphy. Her global outlook innovates and manifests as a signature style; beautifully intertwined between tradition and the contemporary. Among participating in and producing numerous cultural events around town, she also holds solo exhibitions and live painting sessions on occasion, so be on the lookout! 


She reconstructs traditional Japanese calligraphy from a global perspective and devotes herself to the transmission of calligraphy as a contemporaneous art form.

Message from Cherry Jerrera:

“I think of calligraphy as the art of balancing black and white.”



LoveHo says: 

If you’re looking for more humor and wit in everyday life, we introduce you BABE HIKARI.

Babe Hikari is not your average office lady; she is a creator who playfully makes merch using images of Hollywood stars and celebrity icons. You may find an image of a young DiCaprio romanticized on pink frilled panties, Snoop Dogg cheesing on your floral camisole, or an unexpected R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth at the bottom of your plate. Whomever your idol may be, BABE HIKARI’s got you. We love how her brand is full of surprises, and the applied humor is a breath of fresh air!


A Japanese Office Lady (OL) and creator, BABE HIKARI creates collages of photos of Hollywood celebrities and well-known faces. Through Excel, she combines humor and irony and turns her creations into merchandise and artwork, showcased via social media.

Message from BABE HIKARI:

“Hello! I’m BABE HIKARI. I like things with irony and humor. My motto is, “If you can’t get something, make it yourself!” I create works because I find them interesting.“


Kitchen: Sugar Shack Tokyo Cotton Candy Co.

LoveHo says: 

Cotton Candy!? Whether it is your kid’s birthday party or a music event for the grown-ups, Sugar Shack brings good vibes and imaginative flavors. We know from our events that having a cotton candy vendor brings an interesting sense of nostalgia and excitement to the crowd. We admire Sugar Shack’s ambition, consistency, and good nature, as two international entrepreneurs in Japan. For that, we give them 5 LoveHo stars.


Rich, Roberte & Larry wanted to join other entrepreneurs at the local town festivals with something more than the usual food vendor shops. After testing different menu items at local festivals, they found a sweet spot (pun intended), COTTON CANDY!! In 2016, the Sugar Shack Cotton Candy & Retail Shop was born. They took their business all around Japan to spread the good news at, the Kofu International Bacon Festival, Fuji Speedway Harley Davison Festival, multiple Fussa City Festivals and as Hachioji Trains Pro Basketball League season concessionaires, to name a few. Within 7 years of honing their craft and being creative, the company has rebranded and added to the service. They now have flavored popcorn, shaved Ice, Merchandise, birthday party packages, fundraising packages and alcohol-infused cotton candy (that’s right … alcohol-infused, for adults only of course). The Red Cherry Bourbon and Pina Colada Cotton Candy is everything you didn’t know you needed in this life journey.

Message from Sugar Shack Tokyo Cotton Candy Co.:

”So when’s the last time you had good cotton candy? Sugar Shack Tokyo has multiple flavors including Bacon, Pina Colada and Chocolate Orange for you to enjoy. We definitely encourage mixing flavors to sweeten the experience. There are also adult-friendly infused options as well *wink*. Visit our website and Instagram page to book us and see what we are up to. Life is short, Eat Cotton Candy First!”

Official Website: