Festive Things to do at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Festive Things to do at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas cakes, chocolate and countdowns


Sky Berry cocktail

From German markets to illuminations, Christmas shopping and treat tasting, the holiday season is well and truly kicking off in the capital. Grand Hyatt Tokyo has announced a huge list of holiday and New Year celebrations to get you feeling all festive and fuzzy inside. 

All-you-can-eat chocolate afternoon tea

There’s no better way to enjoy the festive season than with family, friends and a truly shameful amount of chocolate consumption. Cozy up with friends at The Oak Door and sip on the dark hot chocolate with marshmallows and mini donuts. However, if that’s not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, then go the whole nine yards at The French Kitchen’s afternoon tea with an endless chocolate fountain and an all-you-can-eat selection of desserts from the lavish buffet, plus crepes prepared by the restaurant’s master chefs (who won’t judge how much you’re eating).

Indulge in flavors of the season with luxury Christmas cakes 

This year, Fiorentina Pastry Boutique of Grand Hyatt Tokyo is featuring ten elegant and luxurious Christmas cakes that are debuting the hotel’s original “Grande H” chocolate — a subtly bitter blend consisting of 70.3% cacao that Chef Hiroshi Kaneko handpicked in France. Our favorites are the exquisite Morocco Lantern, composed of seven different flavors of mousse (pistachio, rose framboise, strawberry tiramisu, caramel, mango and chocolate), the Louvre and the candy-dome-topped fresh fruit masterpiece Champ de Fleurs Tart. For the indecisive among us, you can opt for an assortment of three different mini cakes to get a taste of each.

Dom Perignon at The Oak Door

Celebrate New Year with free-flowing champagne at The Oak Door

Free-flowing champagne. Need we say more? Aside from the unlimited Dom Perignon to toast to the New Year, The Oak Door’s countdown party is guaranteed to be a glamorous, international event to bring in 2020. Guests can also enjoy a buffet of caviar and canapés, while the booth plan includes a fresh seafood platter. 

rat cookies
Left: Year of the rat cookies | Right: Galette des rois

Nibble on cookies for the Year of the Rat or find good luck in a galette des rois 

Florentina Pastry Boutique will be crafting New Year’s-inspired cookies, including adorable rat-shaped sugar cookies to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rat. Or, enjoy a galette des rois, a traditional French pastry baked with almond cream and you might be lucky enough to find the fève, a hidden lucky charm that brings the recipient a year of good fortune and blessings. 

Winter hot pot at Chinaroom

Start your New Year health kick early with winter hot pots 

At the Chinese restaurant Chinaroom, guests can experience a culinary journey through Canton, Peking, Shanghai and Szechuan. This winter, Chinaroom will be offering an original Fortune Hot Pot under this year’s theme of “Heart of Gold,” featuring two soup bases; a spicy red Sichuan soup with detoxifying qualities and a golden collagen-rich soup base with an abundant portion of sea urchins. 

Shunbou, the Japanese restaurant, will focus on seasonal cuisine, and will serve a variety of comforting winter hot pots including Kyoto Jidori chicken collagen broth, made by cooking the chicken bones with fragrant vegetables before slowly simmering for over eight hours. In addition, other soup options will be available, such as fugu (blowfish) and cold yellowtail. 

Sky Berry cocktail
“Sky Berry” cocktail at Maduro

…Or kid yourself that you’re being healthy with fruity winter cocktails

Christmas isn’t complete without a cocktail. Beginning in December, the chic jazz lounge Maduro will showcase a lineup of three different cocktails made with a rare variety of strawberry named “Sky Berry,” grown in Tochigi prefecture. Mixologists at The Oak Door Bar will also be concocting a festive red cocktail Luna Rossa made with champagne, blackberry and raspberry liqueur. 

80s disco at the Grand Ballroom

Dance to 80s disco in the Grand Ballroom 

First launched in April 2014, this huge disco event at the hotel’s Grand Ballroom is held every year and attracts over 1,000 guests. Thanks to recent renovations, the ballroom now features dazzling projection-mapping LED lights that cover the room with special effects. These might put the classic mirror ball to shame a little bit, but this disco symbol is still proudly hanging from the ceiling totop off that 80s vibe. If that’s not enough to tempt you, the ticket includes free-flowing sparkling wine, beer, cocktails and a buffet.