Fruit vinegar

Fruit vinegar

A fruitful friend to diets


Fruit vinegar (Photo by Rieko Suzuki)

It’s said that consuming one tablespoonful of vinegar every day improves health. Homemade fruit vinegar that incorporates seasonal fruits can make this habit more adaptable to your diet—just mix with water, soda, milk or yogurt. Blend with oil, salt and pepper, and you get a tasty vinaigrette with which to dress your salads.

Active time: 5 min


  • 200cc vinegar (rice or apple vinegar are suitable)
  • 100g peeled, pitted and chopped seasonal fruits (choose ripe ones)
  • 100g rock sugar


  1. In sterilized, microwave-safe glass jar, combine all ingredients.
  2. Microwave on med/high for 90 sec without lid.
  3. Put lid on. Keep in cool room temperature, or refrigerate.
  4. The fruit vinegar can be drunk from the day after preparation. Take out fruit pieces after 2 weeks. The fruit vinegar is good for 6 months in room temperature, but shelf life varies depending on the environment.