The Grill&Seafood Hokkaido Chimunii Ginza Store

The Grill&Seafood Hokkaido Chimunii Ginza Store

Flavors of Hokkaido in the heart of Tokyo


In a move that both honors its roots and embraces the challenge of innovation, Chimney Co., Ltd has announced the grand opening of its newest restaurant: The Grill&Seafood Hokkaido Chimunii Ginza Store. Opening its doors on March 28, 2024, in Tokyo’s stylish Ginza district, the restaurant embodies an enduring commitment to offering unique dining experiences. This time, it’s bringing the authentic flavors of Hokkaido’s seasonal fresh fish, meats, and vegetables right to the capital’s center.

A Unique Culinary Concept

Under the visionary leadership of Atsushi Ibarata, Chimney has always strived to differentiate itself through innovative management strategies and unique culinary offerings. The new Ginza location is a testament to this philosophy, prioritizing quality ingredients prepared over a traditional charcoal grill. Diners select their preferred ingredients and savor them cooked to perfection, according to their tastes.

A Feast for the Senses

The Grill&Seafood Hokkaido Chimunii Ginza Store takes pride in its strength – a robust supply chain that ensures only the freshest and most popular Hokkaido ingredients make it to the table. Among the must-try dishes is the generously sized kinki fish, known for its succulent texture and perfect when enjoyed as a simmered delicacy. The crab, served with unmatched freshness directly from the store’s tank, offers a taste of the sea that is both pure and exquisite. Additionally, the restaurant resurrects a beloved recipe from Chimney’s 40-year history with its homemade spare ribs, a dish that promises tenderness and a rich, smoky flavor that falls off the bone.

Exclusive Spirits and More

Not stopping at exceptional food, the establishment also boasts an exclusive selection of Yoichi Distillery limited whiskies, including “The Nikka,” “Blended Whisky,” and “Malt Whisky.” These rare spirits, scarcely found elsewhere in Tokyo, complement the dining experience, offering a taste of Hokkaido’s renowned distilling craft.

Designed for Every Occasion

The Grill&Seafood Hokkaido Chimunii Ginza Store is not just about food; it’s about creating an atmosphere that enhances every meal. The restaurant features a spacious, modern Japanese interior from the lively counter seats where diners can watch chefs at work, to serene private rooms, and accommodating table settings perfect for larger gatherings. Every space within the restaurant is thoughtfully designed to match various dining occasions, ensuring that guests can fully immerse themselves in the seasonal delights of Hokkaido.

Grill&Seafood Hokkaido Chimunii Ginza Store
3F Nitta Building, 8-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 〒104-0061
84 (Private rooms: 2 rooms for 4 people each)
5pm – 11pm