It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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March 20 – April 18


Mid-week is where you make your mark. It begins with Mercury arriving back to your idea sector. Your mind is sharp and finely tuned. Research is easy. The Full Moon is the apex of plans with a spiritual boost. It may involve a long-distance trip, or relationships with those in another country. Mars in your sign connects with healer Chiron. You are strong and ready for action.


April 19 – May 19


If someone attempts to melt your resolve, don’t let them. That is, if you have chosen to honor your own needs. Ruler Venus connects with Uranus. They’re both in your sign, trying to wrest you of what’s materially and financially sound. Not to mention, beautiful. Sure, there’s always room for spiritual growth. But that doesn’t mean you have to give away what you love most.


May 20 – June 20


Stand up for what you believe. There is always a sense of satisfaction when you advocate for yourself. Others may not get where you’re coming from, but does it matter? Their timeline in the land of understanding may not match yours. Mercury moves back into Gemini. The connection between Mercury and Pluto brings great changes. Good fortune is yours.


June 21 – July 21


Mercury moves back into your house of dreams. You may notice hopes and wishes whisper to soothe your plans. You’re able to seek out a sacred space and find time to decompress. Did a project start in one direction, then stop as life tumbled in? Another chance arrives to see it through. The Full Moon creates a spontaneous moment at work.


July 22 – August 22


There is so much to take care of. So why might you feel it’s time to take a break? You’ll benefit from wandering off the beaten path. Leos prefer to be inspired. Breathing space is a requirement. Mercury moves to create compatible gatherings. Friends and groups are fun, filling your schedule once again. The Full Moon reveals what romance can be when you really break free. 


August 23 – September 21


You can think your way out of anything. For example, are unidentified aerial viewings ready to be explained, or are they completely experiential? This is the way ruler Mercury works as it moves to your sector of career. Communications smooth out and may even make sense. Check out the key feature of this week. The Full Moon makes your home base a major focal event.


September 22 – October 22


Do things that need attention take up all your time, rather than what you’d like to do? If so, clear thinking is on the horizon. You can create space in your schedule. Mercury transits to soar through global connections. Thoughts of far away places may dominate your wish list. The Full Moon in your solar third house pushes boundaries. Conversations become plans for expansion. 


October 23 – November 21


The South Node of the Moon is in your sign. This means you’re wiping the slate clean, all the way back to past lifetimes. It’s labor intensive and time consuming. You’ve got Mercury on your side. It transits to push back on shared resources in relationships. Look at the depth of contributions you make. They’re substantial. The Full Moon wins a financial round for you. 


November 22 – December 20


You’d love to escape and live life at your own pace, right? Yet there’s so much at stake, you’re likely to stick around for the details. Mercury, who helps in this regard, transits back into your relationship sector. What? More data? The excitement that comes with this allows you to enjoy the Full Moon. It’s in Sagittarius. You’re the guru who meditates and massages the next step. 


December 21 – January 18


How much have things changed? How quickly? Integrating what works and letting go of the rest brings you joy and nostalgia. You’re the person who can keep things within safe boundaries. Mercury transits to straighten out communication. You bring projects back on track. The Full Moon isn’t just for the howling wolf in you. You can connect with your inner mystic at this time.


January 19 – February 17


As clever as Aquarians may be (and you are), you deserve to enjoy the warmth of your days. The sign opposite yours is Leo, which governs the heart. Reaching within to line up that balance rewards you. Things have to feel right, as well as logically make sense. The Full Moon in your friendship sector may not stay in its lane, but you’re likely to find it a memorable experience. 


February 18 – March 19


Pisces is not an ‘on the surface’ type. You have far too much depth to happily skate above the fray. You do have excellent survival skills. One of your top tricks is floating into yet another mystical realm when needed. Mercury moves into life at home, clearing your thoughts for organization. The Full Moon is in your career sector. Crazy – but freeing and fun.