It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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Horoscope June 2 – 9

March 20 – April 18


The Full Moon tugs on your feelings. It’s in your solar ninth house, so you may hear the call of wanderlust. Daydreaming of a trip for the adventure, wondering how quickly you can get away, considering how long you could be gone? It’s all part of this. Then Venus transits to your sector of home base, and you remember how much you love life at home. Go ahead, relax and indulge.  

April 19 – May 19


There’s no question you’re juggling an entire constellation. Seemingly endless, it offers a chance to be an ace of the zodiac. Celestial energies crowd around to ask for your attention. Vesta, Uranus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in Taurus. What will you choose? The Full Moon creates transformation. It strikes a visionary chord. This goes double if you’re in a relationship.

May 20– June 20


If you were born this week, Happy Birthday! It’s all Gemini energy for you. The Full Moon is opposite your sign. It brings in adventure and more enthusiasm than you could ask for. If you’re in a relationship, don’t be surprised if you’re invited to take a trip. Breathing space and a chance to relax is everything. Venus transits, offering promises of luxury and ‘only the best’.  

June 21 – July 21


Cancer is gifted with a symbol of nature. Yours is the element of water, governing the emotions. Yours are deep. As the Crab, only a trusted few get past your shell of protection. Family and home are everything. You are often entrepreneurial and rise to the top at work. The Full Moon reflects light in this sector of your chart. You may be tempted to travel or encourage others.

July 22 – August 22


There’s a spark this week especially for you. The Full Moon is in your house of romance. If you’re a creative type, you may find yourself reflecting on an adventure. Whether it’s channeling your optimism or helping with children, you may see the world with a sense of wonder. Friends and groups bring a healthy dose of stability, adding comfort to your personal realm.  

August 23 – September 21


Ceres in Virgo still has your back. This planetary goddess keeps bread on the table and money to keep you going. She offers ways to track details as you build a financial fortress. The Full Moon is just the opposite. It’s in your sector of home base. It encourages you to get out and break free. Give yourself time to enjoy an unstructured schedule. Choose your destination.

September 22 – October 22


Jupiter has entered your solar eighth house. This happens only once every twelve years and lasts about a year. Expect transformations to be seductive, whether within a relationship or without. Optimism and adventure bring you a new form of stability. The Full Moon includes discussions about a stronger financial base. Getting pulled towards what is beautiful gets you there.

October 23 – November 21


Time to cash in on celestial celebrations. The Full Moon is in your sector of money and income. There’s a sense of adventure that comes roaring in. Your current plans may include seductive visions and ways to enjoy the intrigue. What is revealed could free you from pent-up pressures. Jupiter makes opportunities larger. In your relationship sector, it’s like a big bear hug.

November 22 – December 20


Offered adventure, but it doesn’t match your picture? You may need a side route to captivate your interests. The Full Moon is in your sign. Sagittarius feels deeply, adding optimism to any recipe. What is revealed from its reflected light doesn’t have to be pivotal. Ruling planet Jupiter influences work and opportunities. Find stability in those who appreciate you most.

December 21 – January 18


You are blessed as much or more than the rest of the zodiac. With so much energy in your solar fifth house, you are lucky on many levels. Romance and speculation runs high. The Full Moon may seem a bit out of control. It’s a gambler and is in your area of dreams and sanctuary. What you can imagine is just the beginning. It may take time, but could be the template for your future. 

January 19 – February 17


Aquarians are in for a powerful week. You may not feel it, but the anchor is you. Celestial energy is centered around home base. Where you live becomes all-important. Planetary bodies in this sector of your chart include Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Vesta. The Full Moon assists you with this. It reflects light when it comes to friends, associates, and how you use your mind.

February 18-March 19


Neptune and Saturn in Pisces continue to bring impossible dreams. With the finesse of your sign, you create from thin air. Don’t forget the North Node of the Moon, which asks you to guide your visions towards what is akin to lifting weights. Not initially easy, they will become second nature. The Full Moon reflects its light on your career. You may take a chance on an adventure.

Illustrations by wynettaceasarani