Mar 21-Apr 20


If it’s not all caramel coffee or cocoa, you may move to the land of hearty soups. Your inner fires have a tendency to burn hot and they need their nourishment! Mars has crossed the halfway mark in your financial sector. You are carrying a full load, and most of it’s from the past. Because it’s so deep, unwinding takes practice. Enjoy a hot bath to destress what is in the process of necessary unraveling.


Apr 21-May 21


Mars has crossed the halfway mark in your sign. You’re able to gather your wits and strength, bundling them up together. You can’t help it, really, but a feminine influence is about to enter your sphere. In the near future you’ll be offered a helping hand. Do you mind? Ceres is adding to your destiny in a way you couldn’t possibly guess. A refreshing energy to encounter!


May 22-Jun 21


Leave it to your career to deal with more changes than a kaleidoscope. Just when you get one thing sorted out, the whole picture rearranges. It’s like you’re ready to move forward, but no one else is! Jupiter is retrograde when it comes to romance, too. One way to get through this week is to wander—exactly to where you feel called the most.


Jun 22-Jul 23


Vesta is in Cancer. If you feel inclined to do a bit of hibernation, trust yourself. You’re the keeper of your inner hearth! Jupiter is retrograde when it comes to your home life, so it’s a perfect time to make your list. What would you like for your abode as Spring arrives? A Cancer’s home stays snug, no matter what time of year it is!


Jul 24-Aug 23


Focused on creating income in areas you never imagined? Wonder why more is not knocking at your door? You’ve arrived on earth at a transitional time, coming in to do one thing, yet able to handle changes as they fly through the ethers. Luckily, your career gets a boost. Mars races towards Ceres to hold you through this. You’re not alone.


Aug 24-Sep 23


St. Patrick’s Day offers clover and shamrocks (and sometimes green food and drink). As an earth sign, you’re able to coexist easily with the healing green of nature. But this week’s a challenge with the Sun square Mars, if you’re determined to make something happen. A loving Venus conjunct Mercury helps sort things out over the weekend.


Sep 24-Oct 23


There’s only so much comfort eating one can do, then it loses its appeal. If you have reached that point, congratulations! St. Patrick’s Day turns your attention towards green colored libations, instead. The Sun is square Saturn, so making something “happen” is blocked, until Mercury conjuncts Venus the very next day (true love from the night before?).


Oct 24-Nov 22


Did you turn your head and blink, and suddenly a lot has happened? Do you ever feel like that? Scorpios don’t like to miss a thing—but there’s so much to keep track of. Your sense of self could take a hit with the Sun square Saturn on Friday. St. Patrick’s Day is a time of revelry, so wear your green shirt or jewelry. Mercury conjunct Venus the next day will make up for it!


Nov 23-Dec 22


When winter winds catch your hopes and steal them without permission, choose fun that’s easy to find. The Sun square Saturn is aimed at embattling your ego this Friday. You can’t be everywhere at once, and someone may try to take advantage of this. Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day! Pick up the pieces with a bonus when Mercury conjuncts Venus the next day.


Dec 23-Jan 20


If something you’ve been wanting keeps sliding out of reach, stay in observation mode. You can keep tabs on it without de-energizing yourself, as you need to be your own best friend. You’ve probably noticed it’s all unprecedented. It’s unlikely others will have the map you need. That’s because history is being made, and you’re a part of it.


Jan 21-Feb 19


Sometimes hanging in there is overrated. If you feel pulled in too many directions, might it be time for a break? Getting another perspective is easy if you walk away and return refreshed. The Sun is square to Saturn on St. Patrick’s Day. Have fun (your only responsibility is to wear green). Mercury conjuncts Venus the next day to bring love back.


Feb 20-Mar 20


You’re an unstoppable force—combined with Chiron, Neptune, Pallas Athene and the Sun in Pisces, that is. It may be a surprise when St. Patrick’s Day comes along and things seem, well, more than green. With the Sun square Saturn, you may be forced to let progress halt and enjoy the festivities. The very next day, Mercury conjunct Venus brings it all back into perspective.